MAURICE Malpas has always been a glass half full' sort of man and is refusing to let the County Ground merchants of doom affect his own brand of positivity.

With just two wins in eight matches, the Town boss had been the subject of much criticism this week but he insists he will not let the abuse get to him ahead of tomorrow's visit of Leeds United.

The Swindon Advertiser's Town site has been full of negative postings this week, following Saturday's 3-0 reverse to Walsall, but Malpas is determined to keep the mood positive.

He said: "There is a lot of doom and gloom by the guys in the media because we lost a couple of games and there is talk about the gap but that is football and we have to handle that. There is no doom and gloom on the training ground.

"We want to get that through to the fans as well. They were quite rightly disappointed on Saturday but I hope they are behind us and hopefully the players will give a performance that gets them out of their seats cheering.

"This is not to be feared and let's get people talking positively about Swindon Town as opposed to last Saturday where there was so much negativity.

"The media guys are always negative in their stats, they never go positively, because people don't want to hear that. I am a positive person. You will say we have only won one in a few, I will say we have only lost two in whatever it is.

"You are a negative person I am a positive person. It is easy for people to criticise from the side about certain things. But we have to make sure the players don't listen to that and don't get involved in that.

"There will be 13,000 different views to the game on Saturday and we will have to respect that. The fans have their opinion and the media have their opinion, it is their job. But in terms of the players it is only my opinion that really counts."