THE Swindon Town team coach will set off for Carlisle somewhat earlier than usual this weekend, as manager Paolo Di Canio tweaks even the most intricate details to help his team out of their three-game losing streak.

The Robins usually travel to their destinations for away games on Friday afternoons ahead of matchdays but, after the experiences of the trek to Hartlepool, Di Canio had planned to set off early this morning to make the journey as stressless as possible.

The Town boss hopes the extra rest and relaxation time in the north west will enable his players to be on top form, both mentally and physically, come kick-off at Brunton Park tomorrow.

“We are changing our habit and in the morning we are leaving early because in the afternoon there is more traffic and it takes maybe five-and-a-half hours and maybe we would arrive after dinner and they wouldn’t release the stiffness from the trip,” he said.

“For the first time we are going to change it and leave in the morning early. We will have a break close to the place there, three o’clock we will have a typical session that we would normally have Friday morning here and they can release the stiffness, they can switch on their brain and muscular job.

“We will go back to the hotel, have a little rest, dinner and a meeting to check the clips and then relax for the day after because it is very far.

“It’s a long way and we can pay.”

Di Canio anticipates a tough clash with the Cumbrians, who currently sit a place below Swindon in 12th in the League One table.

“I expect a team with confidence because obviously they won away 2-1 after they went down 1-0. They scored two goals and they had other chances and they are a good team but, to be honest, for 70 minutes Hartlepool should have stayed three or four-nil up.

“It means they have quality but they also have weakness and once again if my team plays with the quality and the mechanism we know, I’m not worried about anybody.

“I’m curious to see. The pitch is big, we can use all the space and play our football.

“It’s a beautiful place to go and to be honest I am very happy. I want to see my team away from home on a day when they have to show something different and do our job properly.

“There is a good mood at the moment - positive energy, positive attitude - I’m really sure, I’m fully confident.”