CAPTAIN Hans Andersen believes the camaraderie in the Swindon camp could give the Robins a vital edge as they bid to topple the Poole Pirates to be crowned Elite League champions.

The two clubs have been on collision course all season, and after four regular season contests they are only separated by a single point as the final gets underway at Blunsdon this evening.

Andersen believes fine margins will decide the destination of the Elite League title, and thinks the bond the current Robins riders share could come into the equation over the next week.

“It is good to be a part of a team who is in the final, and everyone is really enjoying themselves which is massive,” he said. “We may not be the strongest team on paper, but we enjoy being in the same team and the team is full of characters.

“It is so enjoyable every time we have to come to England to race, because some riders say they don’t really want to ride here, but it is a different story with us because we enjoy being together as a bunch.

“It is more important to enjoy what you are doing than to be a good team on paper, because it lifts everyone up and everyone seems to perform a little bit better when they are enjoying themselves, myself included.

“Everyone knows it is not good to go to work if you are not enjoying it.”

So far Andersen’s only Elite League title has come in the colours of parent club Peterborough in 2006, and the Dane sees plenty of similarities behind the successful Panthers side and the Robins team currently gunning for glory.

“The last time I was in a team with such good spirit we won the league with Peterborough, and it is really similar with us at the moment,” he said.

“Everyone in the Peterborough team could go out there and win races, and it is the same from one to seven here. It is exactly the same for us here because all of us can win, and we have showed that all season, and at the end of the day it is points that make prizes.”