Welcome to the Adver's live coverage of Keith Mayo's 18th professional boxing bill, held at the Oasis Leisure Centre.

The main event of the evening sees Swindon's Kelvin Young fight for the vacant Southern Area Super Middleweight title against Bristol's Martin Robbins.

There are seven fights in total, with Young due in the ring around 10pm.

Steve Mullins v Bobby Wood

Former Penhill amateur Mullins has much the better of the first round, as he keeps his opponent penned in with a series of quick rights.

Mullins again dominates the round as Wood struggles to throw a punch.

The third is again Mullins', and if he can avoid an unlikely knock-out the fight is his.

Job done for Mullins as he wins the final round, and wins a unanimous decision.

Mike Rose v Duncan Cottier

The first round is a bit of a brawl which Rose probably just about takes.

Much more even in the second, but Rose connects with at least one big right.

Rose has the support, but Cottier came back into this one in the third round. For it hinges on the final round.

Rose takes it, but both fighters performed well.

Daza Usher v Jason Nesbitt

Both fighters are looking to fight which makes for an attractive contest.

Usher is in control for much of the four rounds, and although Nesbitt caght him on one or two occasions, the referee raises Usher's hand at the end.

Mike Biggs v Dan Carr

A good old fashioned brawl as both fighters open up and throw punch after punch.

Biggs takes the initiative from the off, and pens Carr in the corner.

The Trowbridge man fights back in a frantic final round, but Biggs was given the decision.

Lawrence Bennett v Phill Goodwin

Swindon fighter Lawrence Bennett makes a dream start to his pro career by beating Phill Goodwin. The contest starts slowly as both fighters look scared to throw a punch, but the former track athelte's superior fitness eventually shines through as he outlasts the man from Hull

Chris Higgs v Aaron Fox

A dominat performance from Higgs sees him in control of the fight from start to finish. He easily won every round, and lands a number of big hits.