LOCAL fighters Dave ‘Nemo’ Llewellyn and Kent Kauppinen are among the fighters in action on Raged UK’s MMA bill at Swindon’s MECA on Saturday.

Two-weight champion Kauppinen, also an accomplished goalkeeper in non-league football and is based at Melksham’s DragonsLair gym, takes on Stockport MMA’s Shaun Lomas over three five-minute rounds at 84 kgs level in the final contest.

Just prior to that, Llewellyn, from Doctores Muay Thai in Swindon, tackles Jas Lysak for a heavyweight interim title.

Llewellyn, who was born with meromelia of the right arm, started his MMA career a few years ago, only to see it curtailed by a snapped anterior cruciate ligament.

He made his comeback on a MECA bill earlier this year.

Another one of the 16 scheduled bouts sees Nathan Fisher, of Swindon’s Doctores Muay Thai, takes on Patrick Blight in a Muay Thai contest at 68.5kgs, while 3x3 AM MMA Stephan Todman Vs Nando, of Gracie Barra in Swindon tackles Stephan Todman over three rounds at amateur level.

Wiltshire MMA exponents Scott Clist, ofTrowbridge and Chippenham’s Leigh Remedios are among the judges.

Doors for the event open at 6.30pm with tickets from £20 available at mecaswindon.co.uk or swindontickets.co.uk.