THERE was massive controversy in our game at Peterborough on Sunday, when the Phantoms equalised with a second left of the regulation 60 minutes.

I don’t have a problem with the game being decided late on, but we felt that the buzzer went before they scored, and if that was the case, that game was over and we won it 3-2.

In my opinion, they scored after the time ran out but before the buzzer went, so it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

The ref was under a lot of pressure from both teams, he had a lot of guys wanting to have a word with him and their team were already celebrating the goal.

If the ref’s not sure what happened there’s no way he should award the goal - he completely bottled it.

When we looked round the clock had run out, it wasn’t like there was a split-second left.

I’m guessing the referee and the linesmen all had their eyes on the play and probably nobody was watching the clock.

Earlier on we thought that game was in the bag. We certainly deserved to win it as we created the better chances.

Conceding another goal in overtime meant we missed out on our first four-point weekend of the season, but I’m confident it’s not far away.

The guys are hungry, we want to win and get up that league table, so we can cement a play-off place sooner rather than later.

On a different subject, our new D-man Tomas Fojtik made his debut in the 4-2 win against Telford on Saturday, and I think the defence will really appreciate having an extra guy back there.

We have only had four D-men for a long time as Shane Moore has been injured, and they must have come off the ice feeling like they had barely played a game The defence have been used to playing 35 minutes a match, but now they are getting a bit more of a rest so they are fresher. I think it was noticeable in their play at the weekend.

It’s nice to have a big body back there, which is something Swindon haven’t had for a couple of years since Jan Krajicek was here.

Paul Swindlehurst is 6ft 3in and Tomas makes him look small, but it’s not just his height, it’s also that he’s built like a fridge.

He’s a big lump and a strong boy, that’s for sure. We’ve just got to give him the chance to bed in now.