AARON Nell admits Swindon must stop 'panicking' in games if they are to pull themselves up the EPL table.

The captain feels Saturday's penalty shots defeat at home to Peterborough was yet another example of Wildcats failing to do the right things when in front - and ultimately paying the price for it.

Swindon had held a 2-0 lead early in the second period but after the regulation 60 minutes ended 3-3, the hosts lost 4-3 following penalty shots, making it five defeats out of the last six matches at the Link Centre.

Nell said: "We started off well and in the first half of the game we were by far the better team, but then they brought it back.

"It seems sometimes that we're two goals up and we're fine, but maybe we think we've won the game, the other team scores and everyone starts panicking.

"No one knows what they are doing and there's not one person that's not doing it, that's the problem.

"We need to just calm down. We play 54 games a year and in 50 of those games the other team is going to score a goal. It's going to happen.

"Reacting in the right way comes from the whole team and if they score we need to think, 'we'll go and get another one'.

"If someone makes a mistake or if the other team scores, who cares?

"Every player on the team is going to make a mistake in a game, but we don't have to worry about it."

Saturday night began positively for Wildcats as Jonas Hoog and Nicky Watt linked up to allow Nell to tap in the opener at 13.33.

The trio combined again at 23.54 but this time it was Watt that finished off the chance, before the Phantoms began their comeback.

Canadian import Jeff Glowa scored twice within the space of two minutes (30.55 and 32.43) and the visitors were back in the match.

At 43.12 Tomas Fojtik slammed in his first goal for the Wildcats when his slapshot from the blue line proved to hot to handle for Damien King, the assist coming from Watt.

The lead did not last two minutes, though, with Ondrej Lauko tying up proceedings once more (43 09).

After a goalless overtime, Nell, Watt and Hoog all missed in the shootout and Tom Carlon's slapshot was enough to give the away side victory.