LORIS and Floyd Taylor might treat each other more or less like regular teammates, but both admit that their close sibling relationship has helped the latter in his first season of EPL ice hockey at the Link Centre.

Loris, 19, has been a regular fixture in the Wildcats line-up since 2009/10 and this campaign his younger brother, 17, was included in the roster as part of his ongoing development.

However, injuries have seen Floyd given much more of a chance than he initially expected, handing him the unusual opportunity of regularly playing on a line with his brother.

The Swindon-raised duo, who have risen through the ranks at the club, have both impressed with Floyd already having scooped two man of the match awards while Loris has claimed one.

Loris revealed that turning out for Wildcats alongside his sibling did take some getting used to, but added that now it just felt like the norm.

He said: "At first it was a bit weird because you never really think about it - your brother plays hockey but you don't think to play alongside him.

"Even if you do and it's on the same team you never think to be on the line with him.

"But I know he's a good player, he always has been, so in a way it's just like playing with another person.

"It's just like playing with anyone on my line, it just happens to be my brother.

"It is kind of good because I can have a go at him and he knows I'm not really having a go at him.

"Sometimes he won't be happy about it but other times we'll help each other out and be friendly. It all depends on the mood really."

Loris reckons that he and Floyd have performed well in filling the void left by various injured or absent forwards in recent months.

"A couple of injuries is not what you want, but it's given me and my brother a chance and we've both taken it I guess," he said.

"We've done what we've been asked to and are doing our jobs and that's what makes us play well.

"When you do your jobs and you do them right you are always going to be on the good side of everything."

Floyd believes he has to continue to seize his chance in the side and says he is happy to listen to the advice of Loris as he has significant experience of the league.

"I didn't think I was going to get much ice time at the start of the season but obviously then we had a few injuries, so I've been lucky to get on the ice," said Floyd.

"I've proven myself and that's what I've got to do because I'm still young.

"He (head coach Ryan Aldridge) knows my talent, I've just got to prove it to him because in juniors it's easy for me against other kids my age.

"But when I come up and play in the EPL where they are all bigger and stronger, it's hard work.

"It's easy (to play in the same team as Loris), we get along and work hard together.

"He gives me a hard time sometimes but at the end of the day he's played in the league for longer than me, so I've got to listen to what he says.

"He's been in it and played in it so I just take his advice and put it into action."