TO SAY Swindon have had woes in overtime this season would be something of an understatement.

The Wildcats have lost 10 times out of 10 when EPL matches have gone beyond the regulation 60 minutes.

That is a staggering figure considering the next-highest amount of overtime defeats is three, held jointly by Basingstoke, Bracknell and Peterborough.

But what if Swindon’s fortunes had been reversed and Ryan Aldridge’s men had won every single one of their overtime games?

Today the Advertiser can reveal that the Link Centre side would be a mere six points off top spot with a game in hand, had that been the case.

Swindon would jump up from sixth to fourth, more relevantly leaving them well in touch with title-chasing Guildford.

But moving back to reality, what is this overtime pain all about?

Forward Floyd Taylor believes it is just ill-fortune and says his team will come good when it matters, in the end-of-season play-offs.

“We’re just unlucky really,” said Taylor. “If we had those 10 points we’d be much higher in the league.

“We’ve had 10 overtime losses but we’ll get them back when it matters in the play-offs and we’ll win when we need to win.

“We should be alright, we’ll get into the play-offs, work hard and get those points back.

“Hopefully we will win and then go to Coventry (in the semi-finals) and win that too.”