SWINDON Wildcats boss Aaron Nell knows what to expect as the club come up against some familiar faces over the weekend.

The Wildcats will be looking to extend their unbeaten run to six games this weekend with wins over Cardiff Fire at the Link Centre on tomorrow night and then London Raiders on Sunday evening.

Before heading off to the capital, Cats will come up against a trio of former players with Callum Buglass, Alex Symonds and Michael Stratford icing for Cardiff.

Buglass and Stratford will be fresh in the mind of the home fans, as they made 14 and 33 appearances in red and white last term, while D-man Symonds left at the end of 2014-15 season after two terms at Link Centre.

“To be perfectly honest I don’t know too much about the teams, I know Cardiff Fire have got a lot of players who have played in Swindon before,” he said.

“They will want to come to play us and prove a point. We know it is going to be two tough games that we are looking forward to.

“Everything comes down to work rate, they have some good players who are coming back here for the first time and they’ll want a big win.

“Cardiff have had a tough start to the season but I’m sure they’ll be ready for the game on Saturday.

“Over recent weeks we have improved a lot. Last weekend Streatham had a lot of the puck but I think that was good for us to come through that. Hopefully we can keep this run going.”

Given the variation in teams that they have come up against so far, Nell has highlighted the importance of depth within his roster to overcome the unknown.

“Our depth has really come through so far this season, everyone was playing and playing the whole game so our experience and the depth that we have is helping us pull through,” he added.

“Jan Kostal and Max Birbraer are particularly important because of the work rate and being consistent against whoever it is we play.

“That is a big reason why we brought the two of them back, because of their consistency and their experience.”

Cats have a clean bill of health going into the game apart from Toms Rutkis, who is recovering from a jaw injury.