WHEN we played Telford a few weeks back it was a good, competitive game.

I think we’re probably two of the top teams in our respective leagues so it should be a good show on Saturday and Sunday when we face them home and away in the Autumn Trophy.

Of course, our last meeting saw the nasty injury suffered by our own Toms Rutkis.

It’s regrettable what happened, you never like to see people injured.

Obviously people are upset about what happened, but a few weeks have passed and I think it’s settled down a bit.

Obviously Toms is on the mend, which is good and I don’t think there will be any bad blood there.

Both teams are just going to be playing for the win more than anything. It’s another piece of silverware that we’re looking to try and compete for.

We’re obviously in a tough group in the Autumn Trophy (Hull Pirates are the other team) but you want to be in those big games.

I’m sure Telford will have aspirations of trying to win the trophy too so it will be a real competitive test.

We’ve had league and NIHL Cup fixtures in recent weeks and now we’re into another competition.

But on a personal level - I can’t speak for anyone else - I don’t really pay too much attention to that.

I think every game, with the team that we’ve built, is a game we’re looking to win so personally I kind of put it to the back of my mind.

It’s a little bit different this year with the new competition - usually it’s just the league and the cup - but I just take it a game at a time.

Having won our last five matches we’re in a good run of form at the moment and everyone is working hard.

When you are winning it is a lot more enjoyable, people are looking forward to getting on the rink and getting on to practice and looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

When you lose games you can kind of dread the weekend, but when you are winning and on a good roll it’s exciting and fun to be part of, especially on those away trips.

It’s a lot louder and a lot more lively on the bus when you have had a good result away from home. We want to try and keep that going.