WHEN you are switching from one competition to another it is very difficult to build up some momentum.

Over the last few weeks we have gone from league matches to NIHL Cup games and there was also the Autumn Cup.

And for whatever reason we are doing much better in our cup games than the league at present.

Last weekend we only had the one match and that was against Basingstoke in the cup.

We had such a strong first period where we killed a number of their penalties and also scored a couple of power play goals. We went 3-0 up and left them with a mountain which they were unable to climb.

Swindon’s form at Basingstoke over the last couple of seasons, so I have been told, hasn’t been great so it was nice to help get a rare win there.

Having just the one game last weekend meant that we were able to leave it all out there on the ice without having to worry about playing the next night.

Also what else was nice was that I was able to get back home and spend a bit of quality time with the family on a rare Sunday off, it was good to be like a normal person.

But this weekend we have got another two tough matches starting with London Raiders tomorrow night at home.

It seems like such a long time ago since we last played at the Link Centre and we want to give our fans something to cheer about, especially have lost our last match there.

The Raiders are a better side than we played last time. It was close game, before they faded towards the end and we managed to win the match 7-2.

I think that they have just lost their starting goalie so it is going to be an interesting game.

Then we have got Cardiff Fire and we can’t expect just to turn up and roll them over.

They had a close match than they have been used to last weekend and they do have a few ex-Swindon players on their roster and they’d love to get one over on us.

Away from hockey I have just finished my first assignment on my Open University degree. It is tough juggling work, hockey and studying, but it is something that I’m really enjoying.