I’M NOT sure if this is me completely hanging up the skates just yet when I finish playing for Swindon Wildcats this weekend, I don’t think I am ready for that just yet.

I might try to look for something a little closer to home, on a part-time basis, as hockey is something that I really love doing.

Maybe I will look for a more local team when my new job allows it.

Everyone has been really positive since the news came out last weekend. Everyone at the club has been really professional, it is the most professional club that I have played at.

Everyone understands my reasons. I’m not leaving because of hockey, they have been really understanding.

With it being the run-up to Christmas, I’m sure that I’ll probably be a bit of hinderance for my first couple of weeks at the Royal Mail.

I have spoken to a couple of posties that I know where I work now and they said that I should find my feet pretty quick.

It is going to be a massive adjustment not playing hockey every weekend, I have always worked through the summers as hockey only lasts 10 months of the year.

So I’m not sure what I will be doing with my first weekend off. It will be probably be what ever my partner wants to do, I don’t think she will give me much say in the matter.

We have had a few good results in the last couple of weeks and we beat Telford and Bracknell in the cup last weekend.

We start off against Invicta Dynamos this weekend and they have made a couple of changes since we last played them but we are going in confident.

We have then got Telford again for the sixth time and we want to keep that 100 per cent record going against them.

I spent a lot of time there and it is a rink that I know really well. I still know a lot of people there so it is nice in a way that it is my final game against them, but it would be a lot nice if we can get the two points.

I just want to thank the Wildcats fans. You have been amazing during my short spell here.