Young boxers training at a Bradford gym yesterday got a glimpse of the first gold medal to be won by a woman boxer.

Nicola Adams, who trains at weekends at Huggy’s gym in Spring Mill Street, off Manchester Road, was greeted with a round of applause by boxers at a training session when she dropped in yesterday.

And they quickly huddled around to get an close-up look at her history-making gold medal which she won at London 2012.

Miss Adams, 29, a former Bradford College student, said it felt “really good” to bring the gold medal back to her home county and show it to the boxers. “It’s really nice,” she said. “I’m going to have more time next week when I get back into training so I can really spend some time with them.”

Miss Adams, who is from Leeds, trains in Sheffield during the week but comes to Bradford at weekends to work with her coach Alwyn Belcher.

He said yesterday it had been “brilliant” to see her Olympic success. “I said there’s only gold, gold is the colour for Nicola. My opinion is, it’s great. She’s worked hard, I’m quite happy.”

Mr Belcher said he came to Bradford because of “the people”. He suffered a stroke while at the gym last week and was treated at Bradford Royal Infirmary where he said he was well looked after and, in particular, praised his doctor Dr Taggart.

“How prompt it was,” he said. “As soon as I got there we were looked after.”

He added: “Look at these people, these youngsters here, I get so much respect from these youngsters. We’ve had so much success it’s brilliant. Nicola’s made such an impression, and the interest that Nicola’s brought in is bringing these people in.”

Huggy Osman, who owns the gym, said: “We’ve got young girls coming through now, inspired by Nicola.”

Of her Olympic win, he said: “She made it look easy. The fact of the home crowd, and that it’s over here, that’s going to be a big influence.”

Kickboxer Danielle Gautry, 15, said she wanted to branch out into boxing after Miss Adams’ Olympic triumph.

“It was amazing to meet her and see the medal,” she said.