SWINDON College Old Boys chairman Martin Peaple has said that the club would rather be relegated into the Berks/Bucks & Oxon Premier than Dorset & Wilts One North next season.

This term Peaple’s side have found the step up to Southern Counties too much and haven’t picked up a win all season.

By dropping into the Berks/Bucks, Old Boys are to find a level that will allow them to develop before moving back up again.

“We don’t want to drop down into Dorset & Wilts and come straight back up again. We’re hoping that by dropping into Bucks & Berks we’ll be playing at that higher level,” Peaple told the Advertiser.

This weekend Old Boys face High Wycombe and the Pipers Way side will be welcoming back a few players who have been missing recently, including Josh Haines and Luke Wills.

Peaple is hoping that their return and a the fact Wycombe will possibly be trying out some younger players at the end of the season could work in Old Boys’ favour.

“I’m not sure we could say we could get back to winning ways, but it makes selection easier,” he said. “At least it will be a much more even game than those over the last couple of months.”

Asked whether this season had been hard on Old Boys, Peaple said: “Yes, there’s always that struggle when results don’t go your way but to be fair to everybody in the team they’ve kept their spirits up and the club’s spirits up.”