PAOLO Di Canio has defended his decision to bring internal issues at Swindon Town into the public domain, saying: “You can’t make everybody happy.”

The Robins boss has become notorious for his outspoken views during his time in Wiltshire, with many private battles being fought out in the public forum through the local media.

After suggesting that he is working in a “hostile environment” during an interview last week, opinion has been split on whether the Italian’s blunt openness on every aspect of the club is the best policy.

Di Canio explained that, following the removal of Jeremy Wray as chairman in October, he feels he does not have a liaison within the club and that expressing his opinion through the mediums of press and radio is the most satisfactory alternative.

Nonetheless, he stressed that what he says should not matter as long as his team are performing on the pitch and bringing success to the County Ground.

He said: “If someone else speaks about me it is normal and when I reply it’s strange?

“When someone works as a snake behind your back and someone sends out rubbish messages about how we work, what we lost, I have to shout my mouth and maybe speak to those people who already maybe sent poison and try to create a friction or problem even if there is no friction because the fans love me.

“It’s clear. How can they not love me? How, how, how, how?

“You have to be mad if you don’t love Paolo Di Canio but not in terms of a person and how he expresses his opinion, because probably there is someone who thinks as a good manager you should keep the things quiet.

“No, I have my ideas why I tell something. It’s important that we have good success and at the moment we are not doing good, we are doing fantastic. I never expected to stay three or four points off at the end of December.

“I have my way to manage. I have to fight in an environment where a lot of things have changed already.

“There are a lot of people who want to save their little garden but they don’t know what it means to have top professionalism. Sometimes Paolo Di Canio has to put his anger out because I don’t have any reference in the club now to relate to and speak.

“There is a chairman who obviously, with all respect, once every month and a half stays everywhere. He was put there and maybe he will be a good chairman but the dynamics have changed. Before I had a person where I could speak and say things. Now there is only frustration. Nobody has tried to calm the situation down.

“You can’t be perfect. If I don’t say nothing then why doesn’t Paolo Di Canio say anything? You can’t make everybody happy. It is important that we win, that is the main thing.”