HANS Andersen has always said he is a rider who gets better when racing regularly.

But despite a lack of meetings recently, the Dane is still going well throughout Europe.

In Britain in particular, Andersen had a one-month break due to the wet weather but that did not remotely affect his scoring when he rode against Lakeside, Eastbourne and Peterborough inside the last eight days.

He needs all the form he can get going into the Swedish Grand Prix in Gothenburg toNIGHT, when he takes on the best world speedway has to offer .

Andersen will be aiming to close the gap on the top eight, from which he currently finds himself eight points adrift, in order to secure a place in next year’s GP Series.

“I was happy to be in the UK on Thursday because it seemed more rare to be racing in the UK than around Europe,” said Andersen.

“There’s been a few meetings abroad because the Swedish League has started - they’ve not been affected by the weather there - and I’ve done a few in Poland, but apart from that it’s been fairly quiet.

“It was good to go to Swindon to get a few laps in before the GP on Saturday, because I’ve got to win races there, just as I will have to on Saturday.

“I’ve been well-pleased with my form in Britain so far, although there’s always room for improvement and I’m trying to get a little bit better every time. As long as I can score 10 points on a bad night then that’s not bad.”

Andersen’s aim in Sweden tomorrow is simple – to get out of the gate quicker. The Dane has been happy with his machinery in the opening rounds but says he has been punished for not making starts.

“I need to be trapping better,” he said.

“When you ride in the British league you ride against maybe one world-class rider per race, maximum two, and when you’re in the GPs you’ve got three, so it’s a little bit different.

“It’s hard and you’ve got to plug away and keep going.

“Speed-wise I’ve got enough but in the GPs I need to be gating because you don’t pass these people so easy.

“If I do that I’ll be OK because I’ve got plenty of speed.”