PAOLO Di Canio has insisted that John Bostock remains very much part of plans at Swindon Town, as long as the midfielder cuts out the more selfish and instinctive elements of his game.

Bostock returned to Wiltshire on loan at the end of August having impressed during a temporary spell with the Robins towards the end of last season, but the 20-year-old has found it difficult to break into the Town matchday squad since – making just two substitute appearances.

Some supporters have begun to question why the Tottenham youngster is not being given the chance in the red of Swindon this term and, when asked by the Advertiser, Di Canio explained that he needs Bostock to change as a player if he is to fit in with his blueprint for success at SN1.

He said: “We spoke together a few days ago and he asked me ‘what do you think?’ “At the moment it’s difficult because sometimes there is no difference and sometimes there is a difference when we say 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1.

“I need two strikers now, especially at this level, both have to attack the space, drop short, pass the ball and attack the space again.

“He’s going to have a chance but he has to understand that more in the middle of the field I want to see more in training sessions. Maybe on Saturday I could send him on for 20 minutes, it could happen, because he will travel with us.¬ “He still sometimes in training sessions plays with his instincts because he’s a talented player, fantastic quality technically but in this moment he does not understand how to play with his teammates and for his teammates – he plays for himself.

“Pass the ball, receive the ball. Pass the ball and get it back. It’s not something against him but to try to help him because he can be a good player for us.

“My football has got a very clear identity. Everybody has got different quality but we know what we want and we saw against Colchester, if we don’t press, if we don’t receive the ball at the right time, our mechanism and our shape are our leaders.

“If we don’t find this way it is difficult for us to win the game with individuals doing his own instinct.

“If you play with your instinct, with less fire and less enthusiasm maybe you can win one game in the season but we are not good enough to do this. We have to play with discipline, quality, help our teammates.

“I’m going to check everything and for him if he wants to prove something under us then for 10 minutes or 20 minutes he will do the job that the manager wants him to do.

“I want a player who works for my cause not for their own cause, with all respect.”