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MATCHDAY LIVE: Swindon Town v Sheffield United

Last updated:

Swindon Advertiser: Photograph of the Author

Harry Abbott, Sports reporter

  • Lavery pounces on poor Dabo back-pass for opener
  • Freeman's close-range strike doubles the lead soon afterwards
  • Colkett gives Town hope a minute into second half
  • Gladwin fires home side level
  • Henry mistake allows O'Shea to put Blades back ahead
  • Coutts' late penalty kills the game


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The J0ckster 6:43pm Tue 14 Mar 17

The Pope will be flying into Brize to administer the last rites after Billy Sharp's hat trick.

Last edited: 8:16pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 2
the wizard Replying The J0ckster 10:01pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Conroy tried to keep him quiet quite well. Holy water, devine intervention and a miracle needed now, but doubtful if we'll get any let alone all three. I did say the other day if we escaped the R word it would be a bigger come back than Lazarus.
Power now here 100% for the parachute payment.

Last edited: 10:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 1
Robinonfire 6:44pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Powers clueless puppet manager -- GET POWER OUT

Score: 7
DEVONRED2015 6:49pm Tue 14 Mar 17

williams not a coward or a quitter ?
so why did you cowardly walk away and quit on the squad last season until cooper got the sack ?
then you wormed youre way back in with power.
you and power deserve what you get but what swindon fans dont deserve is you two as you have destroyed our once great club..
how i wish we could have the days of .smith.macari.hoddle

Last edited: 10:34pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 10
we're still pants 6:52pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Kick off at 3pm??

Score: 2
KC Sunshine Replying we're still pants 7:04pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Bet we still lost!

Score: 2
umpcah 6:54pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Come on Harry, tell us where Vigs is please !

Score: 1
umpcah Replying umpcah 6:59pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Just seen the amendment ! Thanks !

Score: 1
mollypolly 7:01pm Tue 14 Mar 17

The starting XI are going to have to get the job done.

There appears to be very little quality on the bench tonight.

Score: 1
the wizard 7:04pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I would have found room for Brophy as he always tries to put in a decent shift, and Goddard over Gladwin who has failed to impress since returning. Putting Dabo in there is a 100% joke. No Hylton in the squad, divorce from the club pending then. Fat lady booked to appear later ?

Last edited: 8:17pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 1
mollypolly Replying the wizard 7:07pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Where's Jones ??

Score: 1
the wizard Replying mollypolly 7:46pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Dunno, your guess is as good as mine. Big loss.

Score: 1
[deleted] Replying the wizard 11:05pm Tue 14 Mar 17
Score: 0
Since 1950 7:07pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Sorry, I hoping against hope I'm wrong but I can't see past a stuffing and the last post being sounded after the final whistle. Tragic and down to one man.

Score: 1
the wizard Replying Since 1950 7:10pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Power to come on the pitch and sing My Way after the final whistle.

Score: 4
Tomcat72 Replying Since 1950 7:11pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Looks like they are making sure we get relegated and further pi$$ing of the supporters at the same time - what a train wreck

Score: 2
Jed the crook 7:12pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We don't stand a chance with Rodgers on the subs bench

Score: 1
peter moor 7:29pm Tue 14 Mar 17

This is our time. This is it. Our 11 brave young warriors will emerge blinking into the county ground lights, and stand like gladiators ready to do battle in the white hot arena, meanwhile a battle hardened leader of men watches on proudly as his young charges strain every sinew to bring home the victory. Pace, power and an unquenchable bravery to claim victory.

Do I believe that Sh!T? . No, I'm watching holby city.

Score: 4
glasred 7:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Need to battle for every ball for 90 mins. Time is running out. GET them fired up LW, it's your responsibility.

Score: 1
ciclosporindorset 7:43pm Tue 14 Mar 17

If Iwere a 21ish year old player, I definitely would not want to face this audience. By that I mean the Adver Judge & Jury!

Score: 2
The J0ckster Replying ciclosporindorset 8:57am Wed 15 Mar 17

So we've done ok this season then ciclo - all is well at Power Towers?

Score: 0
Since 1950 8:06pm Tue 14 Mar 17

What happened to the comments?

Score: 1
cfa Replying Since 1950 8:39pm Tue 14 Mar 17

You lose them sometimes, when you refresh.

Score: 1
Enotnom 8:16pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 0
Since 1950 8:16pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Bloody suicide again!

Score: 3
Silver Phil 8:19pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I think we might still salvage a moral victory from tonight ......

Score: 1
Since 1950 8:22pm Tue 14 Mar 17

0-2. My worst fears for a drubbing.

Score: 1
Jed the crook 8:23pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Wow only 2 nil down. Well done Lee. It's much better if you've got money on it

Score: 3
bradley red 1 8:23pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We want power out,! Come on town faithful let him know he is not welcome at the cvcvlub,time for change!!

Score: 4
Robinonfire 8:24pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 5
gazcoo47 8:27pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Looks like we will do well to keep it under 5
Glad I am away with work looks like it's going to be a long night !!!!

Score: 3
stranglers 8:29pm Tue 14 Mar 17

How can we get these **** out of club?

Score: 3
mikek 8:33pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Could get embarrassing this but no real surprise Town are well shot and the players know it.

Score: 1
Seanwasneverclose 8:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

My 0-5 is looking good at 50/1

Score: 1
cfa Replying Seanwasneverclose 8:57pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Not now matey.

Score: 1
cfa 8:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Come on lads. Don't give up.

Score: 1
the wizard 8:39pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Half time 2-0 down, for pities sake take Dabo off he is not good enough even at this level. They are not playing well and yet 2 in front, that really says just how bad we are. Ajose gets the ball and they put three men around him, Sharp gets the ball and we open the front door.

Score: 1
Swindonboy Replying the wizard 8:55pm Tue 14 Mar 17

And you're surprised because......

Score: 2
Tomcat72 8:40pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Oh dear, let's hope Sheffield decide to declare before we really get embarrassed

Score: 1
glasred 8:41pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Sell up POWER. We want our club back.

Score: 5
the wizard Replying glasred 8:47pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Can we sell Power ?

Score: 1
Silver Phil 8:41pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Don't worry, once Luke has done his half time talk we'll come out a different team. The Blades will never know what hit them once our second half comeback starts! COYMR'sssss 😂

Score: 5
Robinonfire Replying Silver Phil 8:45pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Williams team talk = boys try and only let them score 5 - keep the fans off my back.

Score: 2
DEVONRED2015 8:44pm Tue 14 Mar 17

best we can hope for is that sherwood does get the norwich job and takes williams and embelton with him..
maybe power would like to clear of to.
another great display tonite boys
at least with coopers side 2nd in national league we can all see where the problems really lie and did so under coopers tenure

Last edited: 8:52pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 3
Since 1950 8:49pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Charlie!!! Get in. Is there light? 1-2

Score: 1
cfa Replying Since 1950 8:58pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Yep, never say die mate.

Score: 1
Enotnom 8:52pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Well done Charlie Colkett

Score: 0
Silver Phil 8:53pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Um ..... didn't Town attack the Stratton bank first half as well according to the commentary? No wonder we keep losing!

Score: 2
Enotnom 8:55pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Well done Ben Gladwin

Last edited: 8:56pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 0
Since 1950 8:55pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 1
Silver Phil 8:56pm Tue 14 Mar 17

The comeback starts! COYMRsss

Score: 3
Swindonboy 8:57pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Another eleven goal thriller (or whatever the score was in that play off semi)...don't care as long as we win!

Score: 1
cfa Replying Swindonboy 8:59pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I'd settle for 3 - 2 mate.

Score: 1
Swindonboy Replying cfa 9:09pm Tue 14 Mar 17

4 3 do you?

Score: 1
cfa Replying Swindonboy 9:13pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Yep (-:

Score: 1
Enotnom 9:01pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 0
Since 1950 9:02pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another gift trying to play the bloody thing out from the back. Unreal.

Score: 3
Silver Phil 9:11pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Don't worry, it's all part of Luke's cunning plan. Bet the Blades are scared stiff now!

Score: 4
Psychedelic Syd 9:21pm Tue 14 Mar 17

This is just too painful. Feel sorry for young Henry.

Score: 4
the don69 9:32pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Comical defending how many goals have we given away this season?? sloppy coaching and sloppy defending! it's a season of woe! all due to the "POWER WAY" it's very painful and death by a thousand cuts! but the end is nigh and the fat lady is ready for the wake! what a frucking mess Power and his apprentice boys have made of a once great club! STFC is finished for a long time chaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 5
Since 1950 9:36pm Tue 14 Mar 17

That's it. All over. The fat lady is singing.

Score: 3
Silver Phil 9:36pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 2
the don69 Replying Silver Phil 9:41pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Don't you mean Cruel for the fans? we can't stop giving away goals! we are hopeless and clueless and coached by two clueless youth coaches,we were doomed from the start of the season!!!!!!!!

Score: 3
Robinonfire 9:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Bury & Oldham winning --its all over chaps GET POWER OUT

Score: 10
mikek 9:39pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Seems like the Chelsea lads want us relegated too

Score: 3
Since 1950 9:41pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 14
the wizard 9:49pm Tue 14 Mar 17

No Brophy, no Jones, so what is going on ??

Suicidal first half, much better second, League Two next season.

Power waiting for the parachute payment.

Score: 3
Stratton Red Eagle 9:50pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Just don't go any more.
I will go once more, for the last game of the season for the minutes applause the loyal town fans that passed away this season.
Then, that's it until the combination of LP, TS, LW and RE are all gone.

Score: 10
Moonraker59 Replying Stratton Red Eagle 12:21am Wed 15 Mar 17

Spot on one of my dear friends and season ticket holder passed away in January only 57 I will be there to remember him

Score: 0
gazcoo47 9:51pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Not sure there are enough words to describe how much despise and detest power !!
I actually find myself feeling for the totally inept Williams and his idiot coaches!!. The owner manager coaches and players are a disgrace and they deserve to get what they deserve relegation as they are not fit to wear the shirt and walk where such greats of our club one trod.
But us fans do not deserve to be treated like this and with utter contempt that Power treats the fans
He does not give a rats as.s about us
Please please the only thing we can do is not renew and stay away hit the contempable tosse.r where it hurts his wallet !!!
I am never setting foot in the county ground again until he has gone my 9 mates feel the same as me and we have all been going for 30 odd years
Boll.ox to him Williams and the players if you can call them players !!!

Score: 8
bradley red 1 Replying gazcoo47 9:55pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Writing was on the wall for some time now,the waxxxx has broken,used and abused this club, no doubt,fucxxxx disgrace!!!

Score: 4
Robinonfire Replying gazcoo47 9:59pm Tue 14 Mar 17


Score: 4
davesyrett Replying gazcoo47 10:08pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Couldn't agree more mate I know plenty who won't go until Paddy Power has gone a totally
Shambolic season the worst ever for me in 47 years Power Williams Embleton are a disgrace to this club Williams is bulletproof though and will not be sacked watch him come out with will rebuild a side in the summer and start again for more of the same dross.
Last but not least fcuk all the Pro Power mugs who've been posting **** for ages on this forum you know who you are.

Score: 4
[deleted] 9:51pm Tue 14 Mar 17
Score: 1
umpcah Replying [deleted] 9:53pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I`m not sure that we`re good enough to go up !

Score: 2
bradley red 1 9:52pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Let's see some proper account sheets over the last 36 months Mr Power,bottom line is this club has been used and abused and its a fucxxxx disgrace!,league 2 hang your head in shame! A full audit should be held for all to see.

Score: 6
Robinonfire Replying bradley red 1 9:58pm Tue 14 Mar 17

STFC accounts all locked away in Powers safe.

Score: 2
NCIRed Replying bradley red 1 10:03pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Why are the accounts (that are posted at companies house) relevant to the poor performance of management, staff and players.

Score: 1
davesyrett Replying bradley red 1 10:11pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Yes final ones Power not abbreviated

Score: 1
Rebel_phish 9:55pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Dave Hockaday summed it up in the commentary. Why do the Town persist on playing it slowly out from the back when it has not worked all season.

Score: 5
Calne Robin Replying Rebel_phish 11:00pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We've been doing it for years and even with quality players like Foderingham and Stephens we looked flakey. When you have the likes of Henry and Branco it is just footballing suicide. There cannot be any team, at any level, that gives away so many goals, gives away so many penalties, loses so many points and get so many red cards purely down to suicidal defensive errors. It is criminal.

Score: 4
Jester's Tear 9:56pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Writings on the wall. The club is finished unless Power goes.


Score: 8
bradley red 1 Replying Jester's Tear 10:01pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I repeat, For the good of the club DO NOT BUY SEASON TICKETS,seriously it is for the future of this football club,Send a clear message that the followers want a change of ownership!!!

Last edited: 11:37pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 6
stfcmanila Replying bradley red 1 10:09pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We will have NO football club if Power is 'forced' out ! Is that really what everybody on here wants ??
Yes we all want change as we are a club with no direction or leadership but be very very careful what you wish for !!
We have been in league 2 before and bounced back and we will do so again !

Score: 6
stranglers Replying stfcmanila 10:39pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Dream on.

Score: 0
Since 1950 Replying stfcmanila 10:40pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We'll have no club if he stays!!!

Score: 1
the don69 Replying stfcmanila 10:42pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Rubbish! We bought out way league two last time with Blacks money and PDC spending like a man with no hands! Power wants to MAKE money from STFC! we got no chance in league two and could go down again!!! the clubs finished for a long time and POWERS the culprit!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 3
stfcmanila Replying the don69 3:25am Wed 15 Mar 17

Yes I agree we bought our way out last time - in case you're not aware we have been there before! I've seen us bottom of League 2 losing at home to Darlington and Halifax in front of 2.500 crowds!
Anyone who thinks LP is deliberately trying to ruin the club is narrow minded !- he has admitted he is in it for the money and he has admitted making mistakes. Hopefully he wont make the same mistakes in league 2 !

Score: 1
Jester's Tear Replying stfcmanila 9:02am Wed 15 Mar 17

He will make the same mistakes. Power is a total disaster and will destroy our club. Backing him will prolong the demise.

Last edited: 9:02am Wed 15 Mar 17

Score: 0
Calne Robin Replying stfcmanila 11:03pm Tue 14 Mar 17

I have already renewed my season ticket as I cannot see there is any evidence that not doing so will achieve anything, other than provide a fairly weak excuse for not supporting our team. Each to their own, I suppose.

Score: 1
Jester's Tear Replying stfcmanila 11:11pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Not a chance this time. Relegation again more likely.

Score: 0
Since 1950 9:57pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Blimey. Williams slamming some of the players he left out for not looking after themselves and not being up for it!

Score: 2
Since 1950 Replying Since 1950 10:01pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Viggy, Brophy & BOO.

Score: 1
umpcah Replying Since 1950 10:05pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Kasim and Stewart ?

Score: 1
the wizard Replying umpcah 10:10pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Jones ?

Score: 1
Since 1950 Replying umpcah 10:39pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Kassim has been ill. Stewart injured I believe.

Score: 0
Stratton Red Eagle Replying Since 1950 10:04pm Tue 14 Mar 17

interesting interview with LW.
Well done to him for fronting up and confirming the 3 lads were left for not preparing correctly. Seems like Boo is a gonner.
we do need committed souls.
But, tactics are still unusual to say the least

Score: 2
Reading Red Replying Stratton Red Eagle 10:35pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Agreed, sounds like they all went out on the lash over the weekend.

Personally, I'd have had them all in training 7 days a week since Xmas.

Score: 1
Tiggerben 10:07pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Every time I listen to Dave Hockaday he makes so much sense and sees it like I do,could do worse give him the job.

Score: 2
Jed the crook Replying Tiggerben 10:12pm Tue 14 Mar 17


[bold] Tiggerben[/bold] wrote:
Every time I listen to Dave Hockaday he makes so much sense and sees it like I do,could do worse give him the job.

[/quote] Leeds Utd FGW says it all

Score: 1
Tiggerben Replying Jed the crook 10:28pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Couldn't be worse than Williams that's for sure.

Score: 1
Jed the crook 10:13pm Tue 14 Mar 17

We was robbed. LP the culprit

Score: 2
Jib Jib 11:04pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Tonight sums up the season really, a lacklustre first half with the midfield not at the races, Ince excepted (who should have been man of the match again). Defensive errors and we're 2 down. Then a glimmer of hope in the second half only for more terrible defending and young players making mistakes and the opponents are gifted a win.

'Williams Out' banner put up in the Town End at the end only to be ripped down by a steward?!

Then to cap it all we have some of the players dropped for 'preparing badly', Williams must be furious about that. I've heard rumours on this (can't divulge) but if true then oh dear....

Williams a nice guy but he has lost the fans, seemingly lost half the dressing room and discipline has gone out of the window. He needs putting out of his misery now. Why on earth doesn't Power do something about it?! Is that 10 wins in 54 now?

Score: 2
The J0ckster Replying Jib Jib 11:38pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Cobblers jib! Of course you can divulge otherwise we'll all think it's bollock$. A rumour is just that! A rumour so tell us please.

Last edited: 11:40pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Score: 0
The J0ckster 11:09pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Well we now know why Brophy wasn't in there together with Boo and Vigs. One can only hope that we've seen the last of the laughing gas idiot And Vigs will be sold anyway. Brophy has looked very ordinary lately promises much when running with the ball but never delivers. Clearly they were all out on the p!ss or on the wacky baccy.
Bit of a paradox to say that we might have won that game and sometimes the margins between winning and losing are very small. Dabo - who played well save for one error and young Henry thrust into the cauldron whose gaafe will haunt him.
Couldn't help but notice Gladwin's finger to his lips shush to the Arkells after he scored but where's he been since Bolton ? If he played like that in the intervening games we might not be in the depth of 💩💩that we are.
Dave Hockaday was never the most prolific player to wear a Town shirt but he was one of the most workmanlike who always put in a shift and his remarks about Town only turning it on in 20 or 30 minute patches instead of 90 are spot on and the reason we are where we are. For once LW's post match was an honest appraisal. The fact that Town were able to cause Blades a few problems once again shows the fragility of this league - they looked like they could be beaten at times and we didn't get the rub of the green which often goes against teams in the scrapping places. If only we'd shown the same level of grit and determination against the club's all around us.
Like the old back and white movie credits - THE END!!

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying The J0ckster 11:20pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Good post and Hockaday was a steady Eddie committed right back when he wore the Swindon shirt. It's a shame Power doesn't listened to him as he could have been a good manager with Williams as his number 2 and no doubts cheaper than a big name

Score: 0
The J0ckster Replying Jimmy_quinn 11:33pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Not sure Hocky is manager material - his track record doesn't suggest he's the next Mourinho.

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying The J0ckster 1:36am Wed 15 Mar 17

No I agree but what's the alternatives if Power won't get an experienced manager in

Score: 0
DEVONRED2015 Replying The J0ckster 6:48am Wed 15 Mar 17

when he was at fgr they had no money so he did a good job to keep them in that league..leeds job was just out of his depth and everyone new it..in league 2 hockaday and mclaughlin could well be our saviours

Score: 1
The J0ckster Replying DEVONRED2015 8:53am Wed 15 Mar 17

You might well have a point there.

Score: 1
old town robin 11:24pm Tue 14 Mar 17

For those that were not there, plenty of commitment, really good second half with two superb goals from us, spoilt by four gifted goals, two through playing silly buggers at the back, two through poor defending. Even though 3 of the players made individual costly errors, (Dabo, Branco and Colkett), I thought their overall performance was good. Henry was the biggest let down that let them back in, just as he did in the Luton game with his school boy errors, he was also very unsure coming out for the first goal although the initial error was not his mistake. I really don't think he is going to be ready to take over from Vigs next season, potential yes, but he can't continue to make these silly mistakes. Much better from Gladwin when he moved inside, he's been played out of position since he's been here and should be playing in that no 10 role if Williams wants to get the best out of him, not a lot wrong with any of the midfield tonight, Ince his usual committed self, Colkett had some nice touches and scored a cracking goal, Goddard was a bit quiet, but not in his best position filling in on the wing. Thought Conroy had a very good game at the back, Thommo did well and apart from the Dabo sloppy back pass, the back 4 looked although they were coping well. They'll probably be asking how on earth the conceded 4 goals.

Have to say the useless ref Oliver Langford was just as bad as he was at as he was at Eastleigh, well supported by a just as useless linesman once again running the Arkell stand side. I'm not saying they cost us the game, we did that ourselves with the self destruct kamikaze tactics, another disallowed good goal from Obika was given off side by the linesman, some X rated tackles from them didn't even warrant a yellow let alone a straight red. Over all it sums up our situation, teams at the bottom don't get the decisions, those at the top do and without a doubt Langford was up there with the worst we have seen at the CG, although I heard the one at the Vale took some beating.

A draw would have been a fair result, but would still not have been enough with Oldham and Bury winning it hardly matters anymore.

Last edited: 1:23pm Wed 15 Mar 17

Score: 2
Jester's Tear Replying old town robin 11:31pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Be interesting if Power will make a statement tomorrow. Relegation is just about a certainty now. I would imagine early bird ST take up is very poor. Can't see any future except for more struggle and possible relegation to the non league.

Power has no idea how to run a club, anymore than Williams and Embleton know how to train and manage players.

An absolute disgrace of a season and we've got what we deserved.

Score: 1
Another view Replying old town robin 8:13am Wed 15 Mar 17

Yes the second half showed a lot of promise, but it's all academic now. Even with the gift-wrapped goals we still had the league's top team rattled in the second half, but the players can't do it all themselves when the club is rotten from the top down.

Does anyone see any glimmer of hope for next season???

Score: 1
Jester's Tear Replying Another view 9:00am Wed 15 Mar 17


Score: 0
David James 11:43pm Tue 14 Mar 17

Relegated this season and the same next season and in a few years were be playing supermarine 😂

Score: 1
the wizard 12:35am Wed 15 Mar 17

Williams revelation this evening after the game has no doubt opened a can of worms. I hope the players are fined as well by the club and sadly their ommission tonight may well have cost the club its status in League One. It now looks difficult to see a way forward through this mess. We simply cannot have any further hope of survival without Viggs in goal, however that leaves a headache surrounding how do you treat him any differently to the others ? Those that played showed clearly that in the second half there is a team performance in there somewhere and those that did play can have only respect for what they tried to do against a good side which tonight struggled.
Several of us have commented in weeks and months gone by that this season had the same trade marks as Wilsons last season and that history was repeating itself. Regretably this now seems confirmed. Most of us are sure that Williams has had less than a fair deal due to the recruits which came in over the last two summers, that also seems to be confirmed this evening too. Where this leaves the whole club now is a problem as the mess seems very wide spread, but the spirit tonight does show there is a faint glimmer of hope in there, rather unfairly it seems to be down to Williams now to fan the flames of that glimmer to try and turn it into a blaze. I think he will try but I don't envy his odds, but he will try after this evening thats a sure fact. I wish him well with his quest, I doubt if he will ever face a bigger challenge.

Score: 1
whoamijustme 10:06am Wed 15 Mar 17

i went last night for the first time this season after being a regular attendee since 1980 and my thoughts were, first half very subdued with very little passion shown by us and played already assuming the season was over. Surely with young Henry in goal the defence should have been there to protect him not to give him sloppy back passes Dabo, who i actually thought had a good game apart from that incident and was one of the better players.
second half thankfully was much better but still no desire at times ie. ambling up to take throw ins and free kicks letting the opposition regroup even with the end of the match approaching surely you should make it look as though you want to try and avoid relegation. So frustrating to watch. The annoying thing is some of these players do look good enough at times and 'at times' is not enough.
Thought it was over the top of the stewards to quickly remove the williams out banner that appeared in the town end, thought it was a legitimate inoffensive protest that shows some supporters thoughts, and who can blame them.
two cracking goals by us and only one by utd, the others we gave to them.
as a summary for the future...........Wou
ld i pay £50 (two tickets obviously) to watch us play accrington and the likes next season. I dont think so!!! What ARE you going to do Power?

Score: 1
glasred Replying whoamijustme 12:49pm Wed 15 Mar 17

GET the hell OUT of Swindon POISON POWER.

Score: 0
swwindon61uk Replying whoamijustme 5:12pm Wed 15 Mar 17

Won't be £50 for two tickets against Accrington. about 3 games have been charged that this season.. i will pay £16:30 like i have this season.

Score: 0
swwindon61uk 5:09pm Wed 15 Mar 17

Did not go last night so can not really comment but seems like the same old same old making mistakes at the wrong time.
I blame it on Brexit.....

Score: 0

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