BRANDON Ormonde-Ottewill’s time at Swindon Town is being questioned in the wake of further off-the-field problems involving the defender.

Ormonde-Ottewill, fellow wing-back James Brophy and goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux were all axed from the Town matchday squad on Tuesday night as they were beaten 4-2 by League One leaders Sheffield United.

Post-match, Luke Williams revealed their omission was due to his belief that they lack commitment to the club’s battle to avoid relegation, with the Town head coach hitting out at unspecified actions taken by the trio in the lead-up to the game.

Last April, Ormonde-Ottewill was one of three Town players suspended by the club after a video was posted on social media of them allegedly inhaling nitrous oxide gas – a legal high more commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ or ‘hippy crack’.

With the 21-year-old involved in two serious incidents in the space of a year and his contract due to expire this summer, Williams simply gave a resounding ‘Yes’ when asked if he now had to question the youngster’s future at the club.

When pressed further about the immediate availability of the players involved, Williams stated that he needed further time to reflect on the incident before deciding whether they will considered for selection again.

“It’s silly for me to talk about that at this moment,” said Williams in the aftermath of Tuesday’s game.

“I was made aware of things on Monday, I dealt with it very quickly and then focussed the team that are playing on this fixture. My mind has only been on this fixture until I came to talk to the press.

“I need now to be very, very clear in what I am going to do after this moment.”

Williams stated that he is giving everything he possibly can to try to turn Town’s fortunes around as they desperately seek to preserve their status in League One and he would have serious reservations about working with players that do not share that same level of passion and desire.

“I don’t need somebody to tell me every day to worry about the team, to try to put on the best session I can or deliver the key information,” said Williams.

“No one needs to tell me to push myself, no one needs to help me to be ambitious to try to get to the top.

“If other people haven’t got that, I don’t think I can work with that.

“Maybe it is because my mind is like that, that I expect other people will be of the same ilk, but unfortunately, it seems some people are not.

“Maybe I learned the real reason now why we are where we are.

“The players in the changing room on Tuesday night were all selected because I strongly believe they are all in for this battle and will do what is correct for a professional footballer.

“They are all human and everyone will make a mistake, but not like this over and over again, or something that is clearly not a momentary lapse, is pre-meditated and is wrong. Like that, you can’t be successful in life.”