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MATCHDAY LIVE: Swindon Town v MK Dons

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Swindon Advertiser: Photograph of the Author

    Swindon Town 1 (Obika) MK Dons 1 (Agard)
  • Agard's penalty in the 43rd minute gives MK the lead
  • Obika levels in the 91st minute
  • Adver's #NotDonYet campaign sees an attendance of 7,946
  • Swindon head into the game on the back of back-to-back wins for only the second time this season


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Since 1950 1:43pm Sat 8 Apr 17

On the train on the way in. Got all the lucky gear on including the Di Canio shirt. Need all the help we can get.


Score: 2
SteveHall 2:00pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Midnight kick off in Sydney and listening in bed on my phone. My prediction 3 1 to town. But I'll settle for any score as long as we win

Score: 3
Fernham Red 1:58pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Back from China for today's game .... taking my Mum (last time she came we won 5-0 with a Mason getting a Hatrick) and my two girls ..... the sun is shining ..... looking forward to seeing Ajose (back again) and Ince (for the first time) for real today .... scarves ready, tickets printed .... game on!!

Score: 2
the wizard 2:28pm Sat 8 Apr 17

As we all know its another 'must win' game today which may if results elsewhere are favourable, may lift us up a position or two. These are all Cup Final games now we can but hope we win the majority and put those around us under increasing pressure.

Score: 1
sveneth1975 3:22pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Great crowd equals fair ticket prices, not power greed. Coyr

Score: 2
california andy 3:32pm Sat 8 Apr 17

COMRs. Key game today, y\to put it mildly.

Score: 2
Daz,Roman 3:48pm Sat 8 Apr 17



Score: 4
california andy 3:59pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Not what the doctor ordered. Need to step it up in the second half. Tough 45 minutes looming.

Score: 1
Daz,Roman 4:03pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well its all down to you now wilma...
Its your TIME to shine and show how and why you here....

PLEASES PLEASES PROVE ME WRONG as i dont think you should be at are club let a lone the first team

Score: 2
Daz,Roman 4:52pm Sat 8 Apr 17

get in

Score: 1
Blazing Riff 4:54pm Sat 8 Apr 17


Score: 1
Since 1950 5:25pm Sat 8 Apr 17

A fair result. We rode our luck and managed a point, which was about the best we could expect on the day.

No Power or Sherwood at the game. Probably having a nice day at the races.


Score: 2
Jester's Tear Replying Since 1950 5:54pm Sat 8 Apr 17

They were missing v Millwall as well.

Score: 1
peter moor Replying Jester's Tear 8:17pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Mmmm. Part of me hopes they're bored and clear off but I don't see power severing the ties without a handsome pay off, either from a new buyer or from club funds thus leaving us in the cart. Cue his supporters telling us how solvent we are now. Of course they've seen proof....

Score: 1
martinvilla Replying peter moor 9:31pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Rumour has it that there is a consortium in the wings discussing a buy out. Apparently Power wants to focus on Waterford. Hope there's truth in it and that he is gone soon.

Score: 2
peter moor Replying martinvilla 10:57pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Ooh now your talking. Fingers crossed that it's the right type of consortium. a fresh start could re ignite optimism even in a lower division.

Score: 0
smiffy123456 Replying martinvilla 7:21am Sun 9 Apr 17

.............and we all know what rumour did. I hope you're right.

Last edited: 2:12pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Score: 1
Jester's Tear 5:53pm Sat 8 Apr 17

First of all, great atmosphere today, Swindon fans really were up for it.
Reality bites though, simply we were awful. The fact Vigs won MOM although MK missed some guilt edge chances and hit the woodwork 3 times says it all. We could have easily been 4 down by the time Obika equalised. Having said that all credit for the team never giving up, but we're where we are in the table because we just aren't good enough. Too one dimensional, no players moving or making runs off the ball. No player with any pace, and still too much backwards mentality.

To have any chance, we have to win on Friday, but I just don't believe we've got what it takes to stay up.

Score: 5
davesyrett Replying Jester's Tear 7:58pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Very accurate assessment of the game Great finish from Obika only happened though after he was gifted the ball.
MK Dons are a very organised side should have put the game to bed by 75 minutes.
Williams 4 wins from last 4 games from the mercenary outfit STFC Eleven that Paddy Power has given you please else we will go!

Score: 1
Billy Butler Replying davesyrett 11:17pm Sat 8 Apr 17

You make no sense Dave?

Score: 2
Oi Den! 5:59pm Sat 8 Apr 17

After all the build up, that was a damp squib. It was the old story again - a collection of individuals against a solid group of athletic players. We were light years behind Milton Keynes and they're not a great side. If we get relegated, which looks very likely now, it will be just desserts for abysmal recruitment. Good that we somehow managed to stay in the game and get a point but it's probably too little too late in more ways than one. What a crap season.

Score: 8
mancrobin Replying Oi Den! 10:23pm Sat 8 Apr 17

You're right Den, a bit disappointing to say the least. Landed from holiday at Mcr at midnight then headed down to Swindon this morning for the game.

Thoroughly enjoyed Fleetwood last week but not today. Still, credit to the fans who turned out and tried hard to create an atmosphere. In their own way I believe the players were trying hard as well but youre right, apart from Ince (my MOM) and a few others, its a lightweight collection of individuals, most of whom won't be here next year.

Where is Power tonight to thank those who made the effort today; to reassure us of some sort of future? Nowhere.

Probably £25k plus gone into his pocket today thanks to the love, dedication and effort of others.

What a disgrace he is.

Score: 5
Another view 5:59pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well thank you, Williams.
It seems that everyone made a special effort this week - except you. Against an opposition that was little more than competent, we took the most timid approach, simply lobbing aimless balls into the centre of their defence so they hardly had to break sweat.

There were no passes to Obika or Ajose, and no width which the game was crying out for, since MK played it tight in midfield and defence. After the last few games I didn't think we would go down with barely a whimper.

What a way to remember our last realistic chance of saving our season.

Score: 3
you gots ta be kidding me Replying Another view 6:30am Sun 9 Apr 17

If we had played with width they would have tore us apart, when we started to get brophy and Barry forward they were breaking on us, I thought Obika, Thompson, Vigs, Once were all brilliant today the fact that they wont be here next year scares me sonewhat

Score: 3
glasred 6:26pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Just arrived home from the match. After battling the first 35 mins in the first half, they took the foot off the gas.
Here we Go I thought, hesitation, tip ,tap.
Why cant Williams get out it of them, why cant they battle like the first 1/2 hr through the whole match?
Unprofessional coach and no way can the team seem to just go flat out as soon as they start to loose confidence.
We were lucky not to loose and we still have a chance to avoid the drop.
However, against a well drilled side like MKD, we had little backbone.
As I said before this game. Williams needs to get 100% out of them for 90 plus mins. Nothing else is acceptable. So it proved to be. At least they got a draw.
To stay up Williams your team of lightweight children will have to throw the kitchen sink at the opposition for 90 plus mins in the remaining four game. If not, STFC will be relegated.

Score: 3
[deleted] 6:54pm Sat 8 Apr 17
Score: 0
Daz,Roman 7:00pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Well 4 games left of this shameful season or even past 18 months...
We are in the shatstreet because we are a shat team and we will continue to fall with power in charge...
Please take these 2 twatt with you...

Score: 6
the don69 7:15pm Sat 8 Apr 17

totally out-played and talk about "lucky" but that's football MK should have thrashed us! but if you don't take your chances it's their own fault! hanging on by our finger nails! but lets be honest we're a "poor" side! 42 games and only 43 goals! Powers recruitment has been nothing short of frucking awful! I been saying it for ages please fruck off POWER ASAP!!!!!!!!

Score: 3
the wizard Replying the don69 7:42pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Don,the very awful truth is , we have been more than lucky in the last three games, which goes to underline yes we are awful but this season League One has been for the most of it, a weak league, which is why clubs like Southend and Fleetwood are punching so farabove their weight. They are nothing special and of late we have had lady luck on our side. Ajoses goals have been most welcome, but compared with last season even he is below par, but it can be said the balls into him have been beyond poor too. We are still in the mix but the number of games is fast running out where we can make a difference, one point gained today but I fear two expensive points dropped against a side which we had to beat.

Last edited: 10:18pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 2
vox populi vox dei 7:42pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Having said I would not watch another Swindon game until the style of football changed I relented and returned today.
The crowd was up for it. The pitch was fantastic. Then.....we were very ordinary. To be honest we were second best and were lucky to get a draw.
The team seems to play well in a few patches but for the main it is painful to watch,very slow and with endless passing getting us nowhere.
Not much has changed in the 18 months since I stopped going I'm sad to say.

Last edited: 10:19pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 5
Jib Jib 8:37pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Lucky to get a point today, the midfield battle was won easily by Dons. On a positive note some exquisite passing today from Colkett, Ince not his best but still very good. Vigs a deserved man of the match..

For part of the game I watched it as if I was watching Dons rather than Swindon if you know what I mean and it was embarrassing how easy it was for them to pass and move through our midfield and defence..

Williams made a good comment after that Dons are in a false position - if they had the current manager and players and played like that all season they'd be a lot higher up the table.

I wish we had recruited a side like theirs - a side that looks strong, experienced, and difficult to score against. Contrast their midfield with their one creative player and the rest hard workers and runners with ours which is almost the exact opposite - Ince the hard worker and the rest creative but not putting in the shift defensively. Colkett is a good creative player and Ince is awesome but Thomas not creative or a tackler just sort of glides about. Goddard no end product and nothing defensively.

Defensively our shape was shambolic towards the end when admittedly chasing the game. Branco wandered forwards, Ince dropped back, this left gaping holes between the front and back as of course it's only Ince that tracks back....

Last edited: 10:40pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Score: 2
PNorth red Replying Jib Jib 8:41pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Colkett was awful today, too many fancy flicks and attempting the superman pass rather than the simple direct ball

Score: 2
Jib Jib Replying PNorth red 9:31pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Funny how people see things differently. He played 3 or 4 pin point passes out to the wings second half and the volleyed pass where Goddard fluffed the finish was excellent.

Score: 4
joey butler Replying PNorth red 10:37pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Colkett is one of the very best players for Swindon in at least 20 years.

Only last week, he fed Ajose for the vital match winning goal.

Score: 3
Since 1950 Replying joey butler 12:12am Sun 9 Apr 17

That was a great ball for Ajose last week and he played some lovely balls today. But he show boats too much for me with those cocky little flicks that don't come off.

Score: 0
The J0ckster Replying PNorth red 11:18pm Sat 8 Apr 17

Agreed can't see how he can spray cross field balls and then can't make a four yard pass. Again another who looks ok going forward but lacks a defensive game. Gave the penalty away by fouling the guy when he was going nowhere.
We should have lost about 10-2 today and just can't cope with teams who press us high and stop our passing game. Conroy impressed me and is probably one for the future. Huge ask to get out of jail now.

Score: 3
Jerry be. Replying Jib Jib 2:05am Sun 9 Apr 17

Excuse me if you listened to all of Williams press conference , he openly admitted that he played the same formation of the last 3 games , with a flatt back four with no width for us to go forward.
The game i watched today was exactly what he he sat out .
It was,nt until Brothy & Barry came on that it changed , and gave some more width.
I feel that Williams has done a Good job without the Sherwood & Power interference these past few weeks , as ever in Luke I Trust.
I am sure that will rankle with many of you so "called "supporters" but in my eyes he is improving as a Manager in every game.
I just hope that all of the knockers will be eating Humble Pie come the end the season.

Score: 2
The J0ckster Replying Jerry be. 8:14am Sun 9 Apr 17

We'll be eating stale pies at Accrington, Morecambe, Crawley, etc. But what about you?

Score: 2
Jib Jib Replying Jerry be. 8:52am Sun 9 Apr 17

It's a good job Brothy came on, without that change we'd have really been in the soup

Score: 0
Oi Den! Replying Jerry be. 12:20pm Mon 10 Apr 17

Why would any of the "knockers" be eating humble pie at the end of the season? Even if we do pull off the great escape, it won't make all the criticism unjustified. The most annoying part about the mess we're in is that the writing's been on the wall for more than two years. We had been well and truly sussed by the halfway point of 14/15 but the warning signs were ignored then and they've been ignored ever since. If Power doesn't wake up to what's necessary at this level of football we could be staring non-League in the face in a year's time.

Last edited: 12:22pm Mon 10 Apr 17

Score: 0
the wizard 9:39am Sun 9 Apr 17

Power at the races yesterday, shame the players weren't at the game. Surprised Williams hasn't played the "oh it was hot and they were suffering from heat exhaustion" card.

Score: 0
swwindon61uk 9:53am Sun 9 Apr 17

A very lucky but vital point today.
Got to say if that is us believing and going for it i must have missed something.
Vigouroux rightly MOM.
Could have been a totally different game if Goddard had taken that chance early in the 2nd half.
If you wanted to look how different captains can be, today was it, basically Lewington was in the refs ear all the time and got Ince booked. Thompson should have responded likewise and he certainly should have been trying to lift the team and have a go at them for the lethargic way we were playing.
I think we will beat Wimbledon but please lets calm down on the hype train this week.

Score: 3
The J0ckster Replying swwindon61uk 6:52pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Lewington is just the type of defender needed in this division - no nonsense no airs and graces and no messing about when needed. As my mate said when he got booked " that's the first yellow card Lewington"s got in 13 years - he usually gets a red!" Compare him to the wishy washy lightweight that is Boo - who thankfully appears to have played his last game for the club and it's no contest.

Last edited: 10:26pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Score: 2
swwindon61uk Replying The J0ckster 7:24pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Could not agree more Jock!

Score: 0
Jib Jib Replying The J0ckster 10:32pm Sun 9 Apr 17

Lewington is 1000% a better footballer than Boo, but, is a different type of player as he's a stay at home no nonsense left back while Boos least bad position is I suppose at wing back where he can use his pace.

Of course another difference is their hobbies outside of football, I doubt that Lewington does balloons or goes on the p*ss before games which is why he's made a career of it and Boo is likely to be unemployed in 5 games.

Score: 0
Oi Den! Replying The J0ckster 8:57am Mon 10 Apr 17

Jock, I agree with all your comments here. Colkett is a luxury who might be a good player if he was in a good side with stronger and more committed players around him. The odd clever flick or classy pass does not make him a star.

Watching Lewington on Saturday I was thinking the same as you. Someone like him should be the starting point for next season's rebuild. Who would put any money on that happening though? Power doesn't show any inclination to build a competitive team. People used to say there's never a dull moment at STFC. Dull moments have been easy to come by over the last few seasons, which is why some of us are finding it increasingly easy to do other things on Saturday afternoons.

Last edited: 8:59am Mon 10 Apr 17

Score: 0

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