SWINDON Town head coach Luke Williams says he is feeling no less pressure from the club’s hierarchy.

Chairman Lee Power has been notable by his absence in recent weeks, which has raised eyebrows among certain sections of Swindon’s supporters.

However, despite Power, who also owns League of Ireland side Waterford, not being at last Saturday’s crunch match with Milton Keynes Dons, Williams does not believe it should be a cause for concern.

“I don’t think there is a huge amount that a chairman can do on a matchday,” said Williams, in response to the Adver’s question on Power staying away from the County Ground.

“I know, without any question of a doubt, that the phone will be in the hand and there will be the constant updates.

“I know that he will phone three different people that were at the game to get three different opinions to see if he believes what they are saying.

“This is his club and he loves this club and it can be frustrating. Of course, if we are winning, nobody says anything, but my staff and my players have not been given breathing space.

“I know that everybody is under scrutiny and unfortunately, the chairman comes under that scrutiny, but he is desperate for us to win and believe it or not, he loves the club and will be getting constant updates from people.

“He wants to know who is playing well and who was at fault for the goal and he’ll be jumping for joy, somewhere, wherever he is, when we score and he is right behind us.”

With four games left to secure Swindon’s League One status for next season, Williams admits that he is under the scrutiny Town’s position warrants from Power.

“There should be pressure from above if you are in the bottom four,” he added.

“If you are working for any company and you are under-achieving, you expect the boss to be on your back, and if you don’t like that, you shouldn’t be working in a high pressure environment like football.

“The chairman has got a duty to put pressure on me to make sure I’m giving my best every day – I know that he trusts that I do.

“He wouldn’t be able to rest sound asleep at night if he didn’t feel like he was trying everything and making sure that we’re all working as hard as we possibly can.”

Swindon’s director of football Tim Sherwood, who is set to appear on Sky Sport’s Goals on Sunday programme this weekend, has also kept away from the County Ground but Williams says this is because of a change in responsibilities, which was reported earlier this season.

“He is working for the future,” he explained. “He is working to try and make sure that lessons have been learnt and that he helps us to not fall into the same predicament again.”