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MATCHDAY LIVE: Swindon Town v AFC Wimbledon

Last updated:

Swindon Advertiser: Photograph of the Author

Harry Abbott, Sports reporter

  • Town extend unbeaten run to four games, eight points collected in that time
  • Swindon still in League One drop zone but move within two points of safety
  • Luke Williams' side have three games remaining this season


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[deleted] 2:05pm Fri 14 Apr 17
Score: 0
Since 1950 2:31pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Rammed in the CGH today. Might be a good gate. Goes without saying 3 points a must.

Score: 1
Since 1950 2:41pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Going for a 4-0 win today! COYR!

Score: 1
watchetred 2:48pm Fri 14 Apr 17

so todays game is away at Wimbledon,really Adver.
maybe a few last minute travel problems then
Go for it Town, a win is a must

Score: 1
umpcah 2:57pm Fri 14 Apr 17

We want six !

Score: 1
mancrobin 3:01pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Could have done with Nathan today.


Score: 1
Blazing Riff 3:15pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Port Vale 1-0 down

Score: 1
Enotnom 3:39pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Shrewsbury 0 Walsall 1

Score: 1
Robinonfire 3:46pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Come on you Reds

Score: 1
Enotnom 4:29pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Chesterfield as good as down

Score: 0
umpcah Replying Enotnom 4:32pm Fri 14 Apr 17

and Swindon if we dont score soon !

Score: 1
umpcah Replying umpcah 4:39pm Fri 14 Apr 17

They seem to be parking the bus so we need a penalty real soon !

Score: 1
gazcoo47 4:57pm Fri 14 Apr 17

If we can't beat afc Wimbledon at home then sorry but we deserve to be relegated

Score: 6
ExTownFanatic Replying gazcoo47 5:19pm Fri 14 Apr 17

No doubt about that. Those two extra points were vital. Just haven't
got the players and the leadership to get out of trouble. Its down to miracles now.

Score: 2
mikek 5:00pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Two home games two points ! Relegation it is then Williams.

Score: 4
Jib Jib Replying mikek 6:07pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Not yet if you look at the league though is it

Score: 2
Blazing Riff 5:02pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Could be enough.......keep on fretting and sweating!

Score: 1
california andy 5:06pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Sadly, just not good enough. A win and we would have had a slender chance. A draw - well it will take a miracle now.

Score: 5
umpcah Replying california andy 5:32pm Fri 14 Apr 17

At least we`re guaranteed another season of League footie !

Score: 1
peter moor 5:11pm Fri 14 Apr 17

One more draw Monday and we'll have the "Williams win". 👍

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying peter moor 5:16pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Chippenham town could be the biggest team in Wiltshire in two seasons time!! Congratulations on today's promotion to the national league south

Score: 4
Enotnom Replying Jimmy_quinn 5:24pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Salisbury could be right behind them; in the play-offs for the South west division under Steve Claridge.

Score: 0
Jimmy_quinn Replying Enotnom 5:32pm Fri 14 Apr 17

That just leaves supermarine!

Score: 2
Enotnom Replying Jimmy_quinn 5:48pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Yes a a marvellous achievement for Chippenham Town under Mark Collier (ex Supermarine) 23 games unbeaten!

Last edited: 6:07pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Score: 1
Robinonfire 5:26pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Thanks Power

Score: 2
vox populi vox dei 5:43pm Fri 14 Apr 17

We just do not score enough goals.....why oh why did we let Billy Bodin go. He was a super sub IMO. 25 goals for Bristol Rovers up to today.

Score: 2
the wizard Replying vox populi vox dei 5:52pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Another draw and one point, two points lost, thats four points dropped over the last two games which would have put us in a far better position and set to climb away from the danger zone opposed to wallowing in it.

Score: 2
Jib Jib Replying the wizard 6:04pm Fri 14 Apr 17

8 points from 4 games though if you look at it a different way.

Last edited: 6:08pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Score: 1
Enotnom Replying Jib Jib 6:05pm Fri 14 Apr 17

8 points

Score: 1
Jib Jib Replying Enotnom 6:09pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Yep just edited that, doh!

Score: 1
Jib Jib 6:04pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Huffed and puffed but absolutely no quality in the final ball. Ajose as we know is an excellent finisher but the rest of the team once again simply not good enough to create chances for him, the crosses and cut backs were all dealt with far too comfortably.

Ince outstanding again, what a signing he has been, he has now deservedly been man of the match in every home game he's played in (bar the one where it should have been Ince but the announcer messed up and said it was Barry).

Still just in touch but we need to start scoring, maybe 50 points will be enough....

Score: 2
The J0ckster Replying Jib Jib 6:30pm Fri 14 Apr 17

The man of the match announcement is now pre-recorded and has been since Ince was signed.
It seems our illustrious or maybe infamous director of football was there today and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for his valuable input into player recruitment, tactical advice and team building morale.

Score: 2
Jib Jib Replying The J0ckster 6:51pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Good of Sherwood to show his face, you'd have thought he'd have had better things to do what with it being Easter weekend

Score: 1
peter moor Replying The J0ckster 7:37pm Fri 14 Apr 17

I'd like to Echo your thoughts. The players felt 10 feet tall just knowing the great man was in town.

Score: 1
The J0ckster Replying peter moor 10:25pm Fri 14 Apr 17

And it showed in the towering performance - if that was a display from players fighting for the cause then I'm Jim Royle - my arse!

Score: 2
The J0ckster 6:13pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Posted this a.m. that it was pointless pumping in high balls to their tall defenders so what did we do - yep! So anybody else who was there - what did Colkett do? Ditto Ajose, ditto Thomas.
Sadly once again the game revealed what has been known all season - the players as a unit are simply not good enough and the hangman has tightened the noose and has one hand on the trap door lever.
Please join me at Walsall on Monday for the official wake.

Score: 1
glasred 6:20pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Huffed and puffed , worked hard but little quality up front. We looked very lightweight .
Four games played now, won two drawn two....scored 3 goals in the process. Not strong enough up front so it will be difficult to get the results when we can only score one goal a game at best.
Bring on Walsall, there is still a chance but we have to be more clinical up front and I cant really see where that will come from.

Score: 1
Jib Jib 6:44pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Could it be a bold statement to suggest Ince is our best ever loan signing, or is the lack of quality in our team and the fact it's a poor league making him look a cut above?

Bit of both maybe but I can't think of another player I've enjoyed watching as much for a long time, and despite the poor season, watching him play has reminded me why I enjoy going to the County Ground, regardless of the result or league position.

Score: 1
the wizard Replying Jib Jib 9:34pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Ince without doubt taking this role of his at a canter without having to worry about being stretched in any way. Simply a class and a league above, a star of the future indeed. I tip him as a future International player as long as he keeps his head straight. Massive potential and we are so lucky to witness him here in an STFC shirt. Privelidged for sure.

Score: 1
Jib Jib Replying the wizard 12:17am Sat 15 Apr 17

Wizard we have seen some good players in recent times, Luongo, Mason, Pritchard and Byrne as examples and all have all been sold for decent money, and all were good players, but none were as consistent, and none looked such a cut above League one as Ince does. Today he dragged the ball back 4 times I think then nutmegged their player with a simple pass. He also gets out of trouble in so many ways, like the right foot to left foot move that made their player fall over, also the lift over the top of the player sliding in. Will definitely be keeping an eye on his future, forget seeing him in a Town shirt next season he will be in the Championship at least next season, and rightly so. People can moan about loan signings but it's been quite a privilege watching him.

Score: 1
Jester's Tear 7:29pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Inept Owner, useless manager, and gutless players. We're going down and deserve it. Just not good enough all round. RIP STFC

Score: 2
old town robin 8:28pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Many views expressed the same opinion as me, overall just not good enough, far too many loose balls, half hearted tackles, never really got the better of a dirty, physical team, who seemed to get the benefit from a truly shocking referee Sainsbury and a lineman that got more decisions wrong than he did right. The wind played a significant factor, that neither side managed to master. Very disappointing performances from far too many players that really need to be taking a good look at themselves andask if they truly believe they tried hard enough. Goddard in particular just not good enough, too easy pushed off the ball, hardly completed one decent pass to a red shirt, a non league player that runs around like a headless chicken trying to make up for being what he is, unfortunately for him he is playing at a level that he isn't going to get the time and space he needs to be effective. Not his fault, but no way should he be starting games.

Really making hard work of beating the drop, no one but themselves too blame, even if the ref might as well been wearing a yellow shirt and how they still had 11 at the end only he can explain, but of course made of teflon and unanswerable for some attrocious decisions.

Last edited: 11:52am Sat 15 Apr 17

Score: 1
the wizard Replying old town robin 7:00am Sat 15 Apr 17

We need a hard task master brought in as manager as soon as the season ends, somebody with b@lls of iron and a temper to match somebody who demands and commands respect and graft, toil, dedication, application and 100%+ commitment from the players, not a Kindergarten Kop somebody with a very high Bustard rating who breathes and spits rivets from the touchline, a huge dollop of passion, rather than this Politically Correct nicey nicey speil we get day in/day out.
A huge overdose of realism and reality, says it as it is and sees what we see, any takers ?

Score: 1
Brainy_60 9:36pm Fri 14 Apr 17

Why did we play in red shorts?

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying Brainy_60 7:48am Sat 15 Apr 17

Cutbacks! The white ones were dirty and Power didn't want to pay to have the washing machine on until there was a big enough load

Score: 2

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