I BELIEVE that if we all stick together, we can achieve something extraordinary at this football club this season.

If everyone is on the same page and we are all trying to do the same thing, we’ll be successful and that is the same in any walk of life.

The players need the supporters, I need the supporters and we will certainly try and do everything we can to deliver a competitive team - a team for the supporters and a team for the town.

As a football club, we are certainly together and we’re building a lot of bridges.

There have been a lot of changes at the football club but it’s my job to try and bring that all together and that is something we’re all working hard on behind the scenes.

It feels like a fresh start and it certainly is for a lot of people.

It might take a little bit of time to click and all work together but when it is successful and when we got it successful at Bury, it was certainly a strong group we had.

If you have that strength in depth and there is no back-stabbing, there’s no sniping behind the scenes, then you can just concentrate on football and that feelgood factor.

Anyone who is successful, they will be unified right from every member of the football club through to every person in the stands.

It’s how we represent ourselves that will give the fans the energy that I am hoping will come back onto the pitch.

I’ve been super focussed on doing a job up until now. The next part, when it settles down, is to get out there and get some fans’ forums done and get my players out to the community and try to re-engage.

We tried to do it with the friendlies but there has been so much to do. I didn’t realise the amount of work we had to do from the outset.

Because I’m living down here and I’m understanding the town and feeling the town, they want a successful team and they want their own players to respect and vice versa.

I always think it’s a two-way thing.

It’s great wanting a group of supporters to come in and come through the door but our players and staff have got to show that we are energised and we are excited about this opportunity to play in front of our supporters.

That’s what I know I can do from the inside. If the supporters come in, fantastic, we’re doing our job but we’ve got to really energise the town and make sure they are coming in.

I think the press are important in that, getting those vibes out there and if it is right, we get it out there that the thing on the pitch looks right and we can enjoy it.

That’s what supporters want to do. They want to come and watch their team and enjoy their team.

It is an entertainment sport, it’s certainly a winning sport and I realise our role in that.

I am a massive football fan myself, from a football family and all that has ever been in our life is football, so I understand the importance of galvanising that and bringing it together.

What has gone on has gone on at this football club but looking forward, we have got so much to look forward to and that’s the world I live in.

I am a very positive person, I’m a very lucky person to be managing Swindon Town and I will never take that for granted.

If we stick together and stay together, we will have a successful season.