SO, the time has come, the League Two season is on our doorsteps and I can’t wait to pull on the Swindon Town jersey in a competitive match.

People get so buzzing for the first game of the season.

Obviously players do because we’ve worked all pre-season to get to the first game, but I think everybody gets a bit excited and they tire themselves out before a ball is kicked.

For me, there’s nothing better than playing for three points.

Don’t get me wrong, the pre-season is good, getting the games under your belt, but you’re not playing for something.

I hate losing if I’m honest, because you go home on a Saturday night and after a win, you’re buzzing and the weekend seems to be so much better.

After a loss, it plays on your mind and you’re there thinking, ‘I could have done this better, I could have done that better.’ We couldn’t have plumped for a longer trip to kick off the season with than Carlisle United.

On the coach, we’ll play a bit of cards, like trumps, to keep us occupied on the long journey and in the hotel, everyone has their iPad or tablets now so people will be watching films, or seeing the physio for a rub or something like that.

Even though it’s an away trip, you get your time to yourself and you get to relax and get yourself ready for the next game.

We’ve only been on the coach once in pre-season and I was sat next to Dion (Conroy). I am rooming with him and we get along well.

I don’t really know him yet but with him living near me, we have a few things in common.

All the lads are brilliant. For a bunch of lads who have been around quite a few teams, it seems to be a very close-knit team, which is exactly what the gaffer wanted.

When I spoke to him about coming here, he said we do everything together. Whether that be a dinner or a golf day, we all go from the gaffer down to the physio.

It’s been different this pre-season because so many players have come in and we’ve all been in the same position, which has helped with the bonding.

If you go into a new club where a lot of the players are there from the season before, it’s a bit difficult to get involved with everyone.

Here, with so many changes, everyone is in the same boat and we’ve all got on really well.

Yesterday, it was announced that I’d be vice-captain and it’s a privilege.

However, I am one of those players where it doesn’t matter to me whether I’m wearing an armband or not because I feel like a leader on the pitch.

I can’t finish my column this week without discussing the Neymar transfer - it’s frightening.

Half a million pounds a week. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t leave a team like Barcelona but that’s what it has come to nowadays.

The money higher up in the game is ridiculous but that is what the TV deals do.

You’ve got players who are never going to be worth their price tag but because of the way the market is now, people are going for £50million who are not worth that.