DAVID Flitcroft expects the managerial sack race to kick back into gear before the end of a season as a shortened transfer window forces clubs to focus their minds on the future.

Earlier this week Premier League clubs voted in favour of shutting the window for buying players the Thursday before the 2018-19 season starts, though as things stand other competitions and leagues will still be able to buy players from the English top flight while their own windows remain open.

English Football League clubs are also understood to be keen on closing the window before future seasons start, meaning clubs will not be allowed to register any new players after 5pm on Thursday, August 9, 2018, with the league expected to vote on the issue at a meeting on September 21.

The Town boss, who himself faced a race against time to recruit a competitive squad at the County Ground after taking up the reins during the summer, believes the change will force clubs’ hands in the prior season as they try to give any prospective new manager ample time to bring in the players he desires.

“If that had been the case when I took the job I’d have had maybe four weeks to recruit we would have really struggled,’’ said Flitcroft, reflecting on the Premier League decision.

“I think what it will do is bring decision-making for chairman sooner.

“Say you are uncertain about a manager at the end of a season, I think you will probably see more people getting rid of managers towards the last three or four games to then give time for that recruitment process.

“Where you are in the calendar and in the timescale, the one who has got the longest to recruit will have more options in recruitment.

“Your best midfielders, your best strikers, your best centre-halves might have gone if it’s a late call and you get the job and you have only got two weeks to recruit.

“I think that’s what it will do, it will reset everyone to have more forward-thinking and be more proactive in choosing a manager, but it just shows how important recruitment is going to be in that side of football and always being one step ahead of the other teams.’’ The Premier League decision did not receive unanimous backing - Manchester United and Manchester City - among those to object, amid concerns about closing the window much earlier than other European leagues.

But Flitcroft added: “I think it will happen. Certainly in the Premier League, usually these things do, whether it’s goal-line technology or video replays, and I think the Premier League managers are really calling for it.

“You have only got to look at Leicester and Danny Drinkwater. From working on the first four games and the pre-season programme and Danny being a big part of what you are doing, to then him leaving.

“And how do you actually replace Danny Drinkwater at that late stage? It’s very difficult because there are not that many top-class midfielders out there.

“At that level, it can really hurt you but proactive recruitment and early recruitment is key at any level.

“Whether you are in the Conference or in the Premier League or in Europe, you have always got to improve what you are doing, and it will just speed everything up, I am sure of that.”