STRANGE old things perceptions aren’t they? Here we are in the final few furlongs of the season, with an outside chance of the play-offs.

Yet for some this campaign is rather drifting along. Peterborough’s defeat at Sheffield United leaves us two games back of the Posh, the American system works well at this stage, with just a couple of months to go.

There was an odd, almost end of term, atmosphere travelling to Crewe on Saturday. I was as guilty as anyone else.

A feeling that the season was over. Of course it isn’t. Plenty of games to go and lots still to play for. Why is there that attitude?

Hard to tell really. It’s been a typical Swindon few months. Great highs and balanced out by some pretty low moments.

Maybe its because our form hasn’t been great at a time when you need it to be. Again though, here we sit one place below that dotted line.

If things go our way we are in with an interesting final straight. I mention the word perception because where I live and work there’s a slightly different feeling about things. Plymouth Argyle are in a similar position to us and Pilgrims fans are in buoyant mood.

Perhaps that’s because their season began in wretched style but in the last month have hit the sort of run that any team wants at this time of the year.

It’s odd isn’t it, how something so alike can seem so different. One more thought from the Crewe game. How good is Louis Thompson getting?

Another performance of maturity and passion. Great to see in a player who, like his brother, clearly loves playing for the Town.

That’s one perception I think we can all agree on.