Here’s a question for you, do you care how Swindon Town is perceived as a club in the rest of the football community?

No? Well I hadn’t given it much thought at all until the other day either.

Then my attention was drawn to a book by an MK Dons fan about a fundraising effort.

Now before you say “Oh yes an MK Dons supporter, what do they know?”

That’s precisely one of the reasons why this is such an insight into how Swindon Town is looked upon as a club and how we’re seen as fans of the Robins.

The book was given to me by Roger Bunce of the Town supporters club.

Roger is a man who’s given much of his spare time over the years to helping out his beloved team. So it matters greatly to him how we’re looked upon.

Adam Faiers is the co-author of “Stadium Chase” and tells the story of how he decided to cycle to each one of his team away games in the 2012/13 season - a task which would take in some 3,000 miles.

It was to raise money for football teams whose players have disabilities. A great cause indeed.

As far as Swindon is concerned, I was a little shocked to read how many fans dread a trip to Swindon Town for a variety of reasons.

Those reasons included: cost of tickets and the poor seating.

Adam though, was looking forward to his visit.

Well it turned out that he was right to do so.

It appears that the club went out of its way to make him feel welcome, provided changing facilities at the end of his ride and made sure he enjoyed his day.

Why is this important?

It’s because if you support a team you want them to be shown in the best light possible.

Outside of local media, the coverage STFC gets is miniscule.

Just by reading a few sentences about how one fan was treated well by the club I support made me feel that my time isn’t wasted backing Swindon Town.

It IS important how we’re perceived.

I want people to feel welcome here and to reflect on the day in a positive fashion.

Apart from having watched their team go away empty handed, I am old fashioned and naive.

Surely there’s nothing wrong with that is there?