PREDICTIONS LEAGUE: Tranmere Rovers Results

A stunning performance and what effort not to buckle under the pressure. We rode our luck and Rovers had plenty of chances to claim all the points. It was not to be. The Town winner came from Miles Storey’s shot come cross. Or was it a cross come shot? Who knows? Who cares! Town chalked up their second win in four days and re-ignite their Play-off quest.

The Answers

1. Correct Score = 1-2

2. Attendance = 3171

3. 1st Town goal scorer and time = Alex Smith 12 min

4. Number of corners

5. Time of last STFC sub

Bonus Answers

A. How many away fans = 127

B. First STFC Player booked and time = Reckord 84 min

C. Total points gained by top 6 in Champ, L1 and L2 = 7, 10, 15

D. Time of fastest goal across Champ, L1 and L2 on Tuesday night =0 min 37 sec

E. Time of last goal across Champ, L1 and L2 on Tuesday night = 95 min 44 sec