WE arrive at the penultimate weekend of the season in an unlikely position. Despite what appeared to be a difficult campaign, we still retain an outside chance of the play-offs.

How many Town fans would have thought that was possible back in August?

The recent run of form has been nothing short of terrific.

The only blot came in unexplained fashion at far off Carlisle.

But for that slip up, the pressure would have been fairly and squarely on Peterborough.

Posh are the favourites to take that last place in the end of season jamboree, but in football you just never know.

On the field, then, things have been more than decent. Yes, we may have grumbled at times about the sometimes pedestrian appearance of the playing style.

However, seventh place is a terrific achievement. Unless, of course, you belong to the ‘win every game 5-0’ brigade from the north west.

What worries me is the current off-the-field situation at the County Ground. I’m as confused as anyone about who owns or doesn’t own our club.

Just when you think things have stabilised, the choppy waters return.

What on earth is going on? Can someone please tell me in simple terms, words of one syllable if necessary, who has what bit of a major part of our lives?

All we want is people who are genuinely interested in running Swindon Town in a fit and proper manner. We’ve seen genuine progress this season.

Just think back three years and where we were then. We have young players gaining in maturity by the game and producing results.

If owners or potential owners want to nurture our football club in a right and realistic way, that’s fine.

If not then let us develop as we are. What matters above all else is Swindon Town Football Club.

Too many of us have poured much of our lives into supporting it. If you want what’s best for it, great. If not leave it to those who do.