I REMEMBER the day well. I made my way down to the County Ground to speak to the then Town secretary Jon Pollard about the setting up of a new league structure.

The blurb said it was to provide a solid financial platform for the future of the game in this country.

It would benefit the sport from the very top to the very bottom. It would also provide the basis for a strong and successful England team.

Yes, that's right, it was the formation of the FA Premier League. Here we are some 20 years later looking at another restructuring from the same organisation.

It appears they want to insert a League Three below League Two and above the Conference.

This is purely so that the teams in the Premier League can allow their young players to get some competitive football.

Okay, why is that a bad thing?

Wellm firstly, what happens to the football pyramid? The thing that allows the likes of Highworth or Purton to dream that one day they may get close to the upper echelons of the game.

After all, isn't football designed for dreams? Isn't that why we watch week after week?

What happens when you win the Conference? Do you have to play teams whose players are on six-figure salaries? That's fair isn't it?

Or is your route through the leagues blocked.

At Swindon we've had the likes of Michael Carrick and James Milner on loan. They've had pretty decent careers.

Since the advent of the Premier League England have won nothing. Nowt, zero, zip.

The owners of the top clubs care little for international success, they crave European pots of gold.

Maybe the fault lies at the top of the game - signing young foreign players instead of nurturing British talent.

Look what the Premier League has done to the Scottish team. No route south for their top players, no chance of any success.

Please Mr Dyke, take your plan and think again.

Maybe ask a supporter or two what they think of League Three. From the reaction I've read, not much is the answer.

Football is not all about the 'Greed is Good' league. It's about heart and soul.

Put that in your FA commission report.