Gillingham v Swindon Town

Town take on Gillingham, the third away game in a row. But if they play like the last two games then they should have the beating of the Gills. Yet they do still need to tighten up at the back. Oh and this time out, can someone, anyone, stick the ball into the net. With all the chances, all the possession, it always boils down to the number of goals.

Your predictions please to the following questions.

The Questions

1. Correct Score

2. Attendance

3. 1st Town goal scorer and time

4. Number of corners

5. Time of last STFC sub

Bonus Questions

A. How many away fans

B. How many subs used in the match

C. Name and time of first Town Booking

D. Name the next Town player to be sent off.

Questions Repeated for new posters

A. Name the scorer of the first Town Hat-trick of the season

Predict Swindon’s end of season stats

a. League finishing position

b. Games won, drawn and lost

c. Goals for

d. Goals against

e. Total points

ALL ENTRIES IN BY 6:45 pm Tuesday 19th August, 2014.

Good luck to the Town and good luck to you all.