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Things have changed

IN RESPONSE to Mr Kane’s letter which was published on Monday October, 16 I’m happy to confirm that the cost of the extension to the Ellendune Community Centre, which was constructed in 2013 was £146,321.

Much of this came from S106 Funds - contributions from developers for community benefit - with the remainder being paid by the parish council.

While the parish council is now planning to move offices to the Wroughton Library, the community will still benefit from the improved access to the centre and the vacated office can either be re let, providing an income to the community centre, or very easily converted to additional community space.

A lot has happened since this extension was planned in 2012. Swindon Borough Council has decided to stop funding a number of services and facilities in the village, including the library, public toilets, grass cutting and grounds maintenance.

The parish council has had to decide whether to take over these services and facilities or let them wither and die.

These have been difficult decisions, and we have been very aware of the impact on the parish tax payer.

We consulted with our residents as to whether we should make a bid to take over the running of the library and the majority of the responses we received demonstrated that residents were willing to pay for a library service.

Moving the parish office to the library building will allow the Library Trust, which will provide the library service, to offer much longer opening hours.

Like all parish councils, Wroughton’s meetings are open to all residents to attend and ask questions or make comments.

Mr Kane is very welcome to come to any meeting and put his concerns directly to councillors.

STEVE HARCOURT, chairman, Wroughton Parish Council, Kerrs Way, Wroughton

This is discrimination

DR SWINYARD is quite right to criticise the recent “guidance” from NHS England that suggests that all patients should be asked about their sexual orientation (SA October 17).

When any doctor sees any patient in any setting - GP, hospital or other - they should be giving advice that is appropriate for that particular patient at that particular time, regardless of their age, race, religion or sexual orientation. To do otherwise would be discriminatory.

NHS England, which prepared the guidance together with the LGBT Foundation, should withdraw this ‘guidance’ immediately.

If either NHS England, or the LGBT Foundation, wish to know people’s perceived sexual orientation, they should conduct a proper national survey of the whole population – not just those seeking help from the health or Social Services.

If either organisation believes that certain sections of the community are being discriminated against by these services, or believes that these services are not complying with the equality laws - as the report implies - they should produce the evidence and take appropriate action.

They should not demand that hard-pressed frontline workers in these services engage in yet another inappropriate and irrelevant bureaucratic ‘tick box’ exercise that clearly cannot produce any useful information.

MALCOLM MORRISON, Retired orthopaedic surgeon, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Start backing country

IN RESPONSE to Steve Thompson (October 18) I have felt it necessary to respond to clear the matter up.

Firstly this was not a UKIP rally, it was party neutral with Brixiteers invited from across the spectrum.

I would like to know on what he bases his claim of neo-Nazis attending as I, personally, saw no evidence of this.

The event was a total success and very well mannered (like the FLA march in London that the media chose not to report).

I’m uncertain why he claims this was thinly attended but I would imagine we attracted more interest than a Green Party conference.

A fellow organiser did indeed call Baroness Jenny Jones’ office but she was unable to attend due to having a family commitment that day.

It was never said she was certainly going to attend. Jenny is a well known Eurosceptic so I’m surprised to hear of her calling for a second referendum, given that she cites the lack of democracy, waste and cost of the EU as reasons for supporting Brexit.

Another London-based Green candidate was due to speak but had to pull out for personal reasons. I believe 25 per cent of the Green Party voted to leave the EU so this is not some conspiracy.

Steve Thompson’s time would be better spent on supporting the democratic will of the people, as anything less draws parallels with Fascism.

I urge Steve to stop the bitterness and get behind the county to make this golden opportunity a success. Stop wishing it to fail to say ‘I told you so.’

MARTIN COSTELLO, Eldene, Swindon

A Brexit bonanza

ONE of the main advantages of Brexit is that by 2019 Britain will once again get control of its own fishing waters.

This is great news for the fishing industry and Britain can supply all its own fish with no need for imports.

EU regulations have decimated Britain’s fishing fleet but with our own fisheries we can start to rebuild and get the fleet back to the size it was before 1973.

Britain’s trade deficit is the worst in the developed world, and the export of British fish will be a great boost for exports.

The depleted fish stocks need time to replenish after years of over fishing by the EU.

This is as good as having gold growing all around Britain. Brexit in 2019 will mean a financial bonanza for British fishermen.

TERRY HAYWARD, Burnham Road, Swindon