With just one game to go until we say goodbye to the 2011-2012 season, its time to look forward to Swindon being back in League One when it kicks off again on the 18th August.

As all football fans understand, especially fans of clubs outside the Premier League, normally squad turnover is massive throughout the summer.

And Swindon Town will be no exception with players coming in and out at a fast pace, but lets say you were put in Paolo Di Canio’s shoes, which players of the current squad would you keep for next season?

Today I’m just going to look at each player’s season in a mini-review, and share with you if I think they should be out the door or staying at the club for our campaign in League One.

After only playing a handful of games for Town and not impressing, Mattia Lanzano's poor performance at home to Hereford in a 3-3 draw was his downfall, hasn’t played for Town since, Out.

After a nightmare debut at Wembley, Jay McEveley has seemed to improve game by game, and with him being a free agent due to his release from Barnsley, I can see Paolo signing him on a permanent basis, In.

Since signing his pro deal in 2007 the Town faithful haven’t seen my much of the young full-back until this season, Callum Kennedy has had an inconsistent time at left-back and I’m not sure he is part of the managers plans going forward, Out.

Mr. Reliable, Aden Flint has had a great season overall for Town, he was unlucky to pick up an injury and miss a couple of months but came back just as solid, a must for next season, In.

Paolo Di Canio’s first signing of his managerial career, Joe Devera has had an up and down time in his first season at Town, after a poor start he lost his place but when he came back into the side to replace Aden Flint he’s look a solid defender, a good back-up, In.

One of the players of the season, Paul Caddis has gone from strength to strength and was rightly made captain eventually this season, his partnership with Matt Ritchie is key, he’s destined to play at a much higher level, lets hope its with Town, In.

Just like his compatriot he’s been key to anything good coming forward this season, Simon Ferry is a real playmaker and constantly showed he was to good for League Two, and once again he's a player who plays his best football when playing with Caddis and Ritchie, has to stay, In.

After trying and failing to sign him a month previous Paul Benson came into the starting eleven basically straight away and hasn’t looked back, a true pro and natural goalscorer, wasn’t give a chance by Charlton in League One, should be by Town, In.

Mr. Indispensable, As I’ve already mentioned Matt Ritchie's partnership with Caddis on the right hand side of midfield has been a piece of genius from the manager, I’ve got a strong feeling Town’s resolve to keep him will be tested over the summer, a must for potential League One success, In.

One of the early Di Canio signings that never made an impact at Town, Etiënne Esajas was one of the players that infuriated Di Canio with his performance at the Bristol Rovers away game, Hasn’t played since, Out.

Its been a strange season for the former Charlton man, Alan McCormack was signed as a central midfielder but soon found himself due to lack of defenders as a centre back and hasn’t left that position since, a real top class player, will b essential for next season, In.

Namibian International Oliver Risser was brought into the side to be a key player for Swindon this season, but after a poor run of performances and injuries found himself as just a back up player and occasional starter, I’m not sure he is going to be good enough for League One, Out.

This Spurs loanee has had a very familiar story as his fellow on loan team mate Jay McEveley, John Bostock had a poor debut at Wembley and has come good since, his class with the ball at his feet became very obvious in the last two games, I’d happily see him back next season, In.

After being hyped up by youth team manager Paul Bodin a year ago saying he was ready for first team football, Nathan Thompson hasn't played as many games as I'm sure he thought he might, its been a frustrating season for the youngster who I doubt will get another chance next season, Out.

After impressing in Scottish football, Lee Cox was hailed as a great signing in January but we haven’t really seen him since, so its hard to judge him on weather he’ll be good enough for League One, so I’d give him another chance, In.

This guys year is one of my biggest frustration’s of this season, Alan Connell was signed for a unconfirmed £150K by the club but has never been given a unsettled amount of games to prove himself, should make up part of Town’s attack for next season, In.

Early on in the season Town struggled on the left hand side of midfield, and Paolo responded by signing Luke Rooney after impressing a number of times against us in the past, has only shown glimpse of his big talent, will be key for next season, In.

With Town having no real wingers at the club when he was appointed Paolo brought in Lander Gabilondo last August, he has shown some promise in a few of his performances for Town but not enough I’m sure to convince Paolo to extend his Swindon contract, Out.

After taking Town’s defence to pieces in an Oxford shirt, Di Canio went down the ‘if you can’t beat them sign them’ route when signing Lee Holmes, for me he has under delivered on his second spell at Town, but saying that he has shown some promise and I can see him signing on permanently during the summer, In.

In football there are some players you just don’t think are good enough, and for me Raffaele De Vita is one of those players, he’s a decent player but not quite League One standard, I can see him staying on but if it was up to me he’d not join us in League One, Out.

Paolo Di Canio’s first signing with a fee came as a bit on an unknown quantity to most fans, but Jonathan Smith over the season has show himself to be a good player, but I’m not sure he is going to be good enough for next season as a starter, a solid back up, In.

The clubs longest serving player Phil Smith entered his sixth season with the club knowing he was going to be a back up, but after Lanzano’s poor start found himself starting until Foderingham came in, once again he’d be a decent back-up for League One, In.

After taking a few months to get used to English football, Alessandro Cibocchi started to settle in and put in some good performance, but moving forward I don’t see him challenging McEveley enough to be considered for next season, Out.

Only a few weeks ago Miles Storey’s future was sorted out when he signed a new deal at Town to keep him around for next season, I hope we get to see the best of the young player next season, In.

After being signed with some fanfare last August, Lukas Magera has shown little signs of the talent that made him earn four caps for his country, Paolo might give him another chance next season but for me I’d move him on, Out.

After starting the first game of the season its been a very unpredictable season for Billy Bodin, he’s shown signs of his talent at all three of the clubs he’s played for this season, I’d like to see him offered a new deal and given a chance for next season, In.

Following a good first loan spell at Town, Ronan Murray’s second loan spell has not been as impressive; he sometimes shows his potential ability but not enough for Di Canio to sign him a third time for a season in League One, Out.

One of the best goalkeepers I’ve ever seen at Swindon Town, after an initial loan spell Wes Foderingham, was signed permanently and its proven to be a fantastic piece of business from the club, a must for next season, In.

After a brilliant start to his time in a Town shirt, Mehdi Kerrouche's career in Wiltshire came to a sudden halt after an apparent falling out with the boss, so its very unlikely we will ever see him again in a Town shirt, Out.

In conclusion, if we are going to carry on this momentum of success the club will have to keep the core of this side together.

Di Canio’s first job this summer will be signing some top quality strikers, the clubs success in League One during the 2009/10 season was built on the strike partnership of Billy Paynter and Charlie Austin scoring 20 goals plus each.

Maybe having Paul Benson for a entire season will provide that amount of goals, but another proven goalscorer is still essential for League One.

When Paolo talks about his vision for next season, part of that must be about signing more strikers, but Di Canio and the club knows that will cost potentially big money, lets hope the board back the manager fully with all the funds he needs to help build on the squad.

Also adding a top class holding midfielder alongside Simon Ferry will be key and signing another centre back and winger will be needed moving into next season.

Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts on this season’s players and if they should be around for next season?

If you've got an opinion please share it below, or you can tweet me @danjohnson_stfc

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