Yesterday as Swindon and Chesterfield walked back out for the start of the second half at Wembley I turned to a friend and said, “this will finish 2-0 Town, no doubt”

Of course we all know what happened 2 minutes later my prediction was blown out of the water, and unfortunately so were Town.

Looking back before the game started it felt very different to the playoff final that took place two years previous.

Town fans were much more vocal during the game and optimism was high in our talented squad to bring the trophy back to Wiltshire for the first time.

The Paolo Di Canio masks were a nice touch and the idea from fans and the club to bring in singing sections seemed to work well is some areas and not so much in others.

It was a great idea to try and add more atmosphere and enjoyment to the whole occasion, but its always going to be tricky to get 30,000 people singing in unison!

Looking at the game itself, after controlling much of the first half we didn’t take our chances and Chesterfield punished us during the 2nd half, and really it should have been more than 2-0 to the side from Derbyshire.

I don’t want to criticise any certain individuals because I don’t think it’ll achieve anything.

Lots of people have different theories on what went wrong but the most importantly the players need to use this result as an incentive to want to achieve more this season.

As we've seen in previous week's whenever we've suffered a setback we reply win a win straight away, and that will be the case again this weekend.

Of course like all Town fans yesterday I was disappointed that we didn't get the job done, I’m not going to lie and say It didn’t hurt but we all know that the JPT would of just been a nice extra bit of silverware.

The clubs main ambition is promotion and to get out of the basement division at the first attempt.

And with just nine games till the curtains come down on another season that target is looking odds on to be achieved, lets just hope Di Canio’s men show some bouncebackability starting this Saturday at home to Bristol Rovers.

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