Written by David Latham We held a Question Time at the Marriott for local employers and attracted 65 people last Thursday evening. Supporting the Swindon Mindful Employer Network on the panel were Paul Archer (Lemon&Co), Kerrie Hunt (Thrings) and Malcolm Gregory (Withy King). All kept under control by Melanie Richens. It was an interesting and witty interaction with the audience on diverse subjects such as stress, absence, agency laws, unfair dismissal, grievance procedures etc etc etc.. What impressed everyone was the wonderful discussions between panellists who informed and entertained our guests. Will be organising another similar event in 18 months time – remember to join us for that one !

Thanks also to BBC Wiltshire for the interview with Mark O'Donnell in the morning !

Pictures opposite show radio presenter Mark O'Donnell with Kerrie Hunt (Thrings). Event PA man John Marshall is standing with Richmond Fellowship's Lisa Monis and Jan De Jonge (right) and network chair Melanie Richens (left) sitting with panelists Malcolm Gregory (Withy King), Kerrie Hunt (Thrings) and Paul Archer (Lemon & Co)

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