A special awareness event in Swindon which highlights workplace well-being issues will take place at the Jurys Inn on Thursday 19th April.

The session being staged by the Swindon Mindful Employer Network and Swindon Borough Council’s Challenge Swindon and Active@Work initiatives will look at the advantages to businesses of promoting physical well-being and a healthy workforce.

Melanie Richens, Chair of the Swindon Mindful Employer Network says: “Active@Work is a wonderful opportunity for local employers to understand the considerable benefits of a healthy workforce in reducing costs and absence while improving productivity. The connection between physical well-being and mental health is also accepted in our enlightened times. I would encourage local businesses to take advantage of this free awareness event.”

Darren Gunter, Active@Work Officer at Swindon Borough Council agrees: “Even in very challenging economic times companies benefit hugely from healthier and active employees. We shall be able to demonstrate how these benefits work in practice and what resources are available locally to help employees and managers improve their physical well-being.”

Among the guest speakers will be Tracey Scarr of Arval UK Group Ltd, Jane Abraham of the Department of Health and Dr Dinesh Sirisena who will give a talk on Exercise as Medicine. Claire Fleming, Travel Plan and Travel Awareness Officer at Swindon Borough Council will provide details on the Sustainable Transport Fund and Global Corporate Challenge. Heart FM News Editor Cormac MacMahon will chair a discussion panel.

Jurys Inn will also be supporting the awareness session and manager Paul Clifford says his staff have already benefitted from the scheme: “Active@Work is a superb initiative. Jurys Inn Swindon has actively participated over the last few months and we can recommend Active@Work to other local employers. We also acknowledge the importance of mental health in the workplace and are absolutely delighted to welcome the Swindon Mindful Employer Network to the Jurys Inn for the first time.”

A free health check and Active@Work fruit smoothie is being offered to delegates to this one-off event for Swindon employers.

This free event is open to representatives of Swindon employers in the private and public sectors.

For more information please contact David Latham at Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire on smen@richmondfellowship.org.uk

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