When 100 representatives of local businesses turned up to an awareness session on Bullying and Stress at Work at the De Vere Village Hotel in March, the organizers rapidly came to a conclusion that employers needed on-going support on the issue.

In response, the Swindon Mindful Employer Network has planned a one-off workshop on 23rd May called Courageous Conversations, Resolving Conflicts which will be held at the UK College of Personal Development in Old Town. This event will demonstrate both how, and the benefits to employers and employees, of developing a business culture. It will explore the links between business culture, productivity and mental wellness.

Participants will gain knowledge in how to develop a culture in which individuals and teams are motivated to perform, staff engaged and conflicts resolved, leaving leaders to get on with the business.

Sarah Crayford Brown and Alison Bennett of Conflict Masters will provide a workshop on Courageous Conversations. Sarah explains: “Most workplace conflict arises from misunderstandings due to a lack of effective communication. Difficult messages are often delivered in an ambiguous way and can lead to staff disengagement and complaints of bullying. In the workshop delegates will discover how to find the courage and skills to have these difficult conversations and the power of getting them right.”

The first workshop session entitled ‘Developing A Coaching Culture : Unlocking Discretionary Energy’ will be provided by Tony Nutley who is Director of Training at the UK College of Personal Development and partner in MBS Coaching.

Tony says of his presentation: “The world of work is complex and constantly changing. Fast paced and high pressured, it places increasingly tough demands on employees throughout organisations. Consequently leaders and managers at all levels need a broad portfolio of management, leadership tools and techniques to do their job effectively. Coaching and the ideas behind developing a Coaching Culture has singularly stood out as the key development set of tools to engage employees at every level, helping managers get the most from their teams, boosting employee engagement and developing high performing workplaces.”

Melanie Richens who is Chair of the Swindon Mindful Employer Network says: “The success of our Bullying and Stress event has highlighted a crucial factor in creating healthy and safe workplaces and promoting a high degree of mental and emotional resilience within the workforce. This is critical to the success of businesses in the Swindon area and beyond.” Places are limited to representatives of Swindon employers only.