WE can think of no finer tribute to Caitlin Hunt than ensuring no other child should have their life cut short in the way hers was.

That is why we hope our readers give their full backing to the petition launched in her memory for changes to the road layout at the site of the tragedy.

It is impossible for anybody who has not suffered such a tragedy to imagine the grief and horror Caitlin’s loved ones are currently going through.

That they have taken the time to begin this petition shows remarkable courage and selflessness.

We hope the document results in a thorough examination of the traffic system in question, followed by prompt action to remedy any potential danger which comes to light.

Even the most optimistic among us must acknowledge that there will always be the potential for accidents – including terrible ones such as this – on our roads, but there is also always the potential for the risk of such accidents to be reduced.

Any child – any person of any age, in fact – losing their life in the way Caitlin lost hers is one too many.

If we all keep that truth at the forefront of our minds, we can take immense strides in minimising the sad toll.

Obviously, Caitlin’s family would give anything for the event which brought them into the public eye not to have happened, but the dignity and stoicism with which they are conducting themselves almost defies description.