VERY few human beings merit being described as entirely worthless, but people who vandalise signage commemorating war dead fit the bill.

As we reported last month, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission installed the signs, which give the burial ground in Kingshill recognition as a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery.

Commission regional supervisor Andy Knowlson told us at the time: “From the First World War and the Second World War we are the custodians of the remains of the casualties on behalf of the families.

“We help to maintain that memory and I think in all towns, villages and cities it’s an important part of the heritage to remember that these people gave their lives for what we have today.”

Each of the 104 military graves in the cemetery represents an ordinary person who died in order to safeguard the freedom and dignity of subsequent generations.

Without their sacrifices, the entire history of our planet would have been changed.

Murderous oppression would have flourished in nations which have instead enjoyed peace and safety.

Some of those interred at Radnor Street were still in their teens when they have up their futures for the sake of their fellow human beings.

It is quite possible, in fact, that they were younger than whoever has desecrated the signage marking their resting places.

Tragically, whoever is responsible evidently lacks not only the ability to understand the gravity of such sacrifices but also the basic humanity needed to appreciate them.