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The benefits fallacy

I HAVE discovered why millions of working class citizens vote Tory, because they have persuaded themselves that, below themselves, there is this huge number of unemployed citizens whose ambition is to live on benefits from 18 to 65.

That’s what I was told, that they do not want any more money: They love the dole. These strange adults are determined to be poor all their life, and intend never to have any possessions, so very different from the Tories who told me.

These Tories were adamant about facts concerning other people, but the people themselves had never disclosed this unlikely aspiration. It exists in the Tory mind and on Jeremy Kyle’s TV entertainment.

If there are some adults like these, there must be a rational explanation for this insane ambition, as I am told that they are determined never to own anything.

Is mental health the answer? Can humans live without hope?

I had come to a different explanation, that it was the malice of Tories towards fellow Britons, which had deliberately created an unjust economic system which denied any hope to so many teenagers and encouraged millionaire employers to exploit them and discard them.

From those I know, I suspect that Tories take personal comfort from the warm glow of their superiority, just like the loathsome employers.

CN WESTERMAN, Meadow Rise, Brynna, Mid Glam

Obtain a Radar key

Recently, on holiday in Torquay I sensed my wife needed the toilet. As her advanced Alzheimer’s means she has lost the gift of speech, you watch for the warning signs.

Every disabled toilet we tried was locked. No attendant available. I had to use the disabled toilet in another public venue. With the same problem in Weymouth a few weeks later, I took her into an amusement arcade where the security guard opened the disabled toilet for us.

I noticed in that toilet a metal sign with universal key printed on it. After a bit of homework on the net and a phone call to the Alzheimers Society, my son went to the Swindon Council offices with the documentation regarding my wife’s health.

They gave him a Radar key free of charge that opens thousands of disabled toilets all over Britain. On the net they charge £5 and over for the same key.

If anyone has a disabled friend or member of the family please go down and obtain a Radar key.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Join Brexit battle

DO YOU think the UK Government is back tracking on Brexit with the mention of a transitional period after leaving the European Union?

If so, please support a petition to let them know this is not what you want. Go to website enter section recent petitions view petition No Transitional period after the UK leaves Europe.

FE SHARPE, Plymouth