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We’re in it together

“BREXIT” is a misnomer and should really be “UK exit”. However it sounds good and was adopted by the media. This has upset the Scots, Irish and Welsh and it is why they feel left out and are up in revolt.

I voted to leave and according to Adam Poole (and many others) my three good academic degrees are in “Stupidity”, “Ignorance” and “Gullibility” and this brings me to the Vote in Parliament to trigger Article 50 (the formal letter to the EU to signal our intention to leave).

Out of 650 members, 616 voted. The “Yes” vote 494 and the “No”vote 122. So according to Adam Poole (and the remain diehards) we now have 494 “Stupid”, “Ignorant” and “Gullible” MPs in the House of Commons who do not know what they are voting for and are ignorant of what Article 50 means. I have always suspected that there were a number of MPs who were suspect in the House of Commons but 494 is staggering.

Unless Parliament and the country support the PM and the negotiating team the UK will not get any deal. The PM is like a fighter in a title fight. The Promoters (big businesses and the rich and famous) are betting on a loss. Her seconds (the Scots, Irish, Welsh and some Tories) tell her that she must fight each round. They also add that if she does not do as they say they will throw in the white towel and surrender. So the opponent (the EU) dosen’t really need to bother as our own side is stitching us up.

So what now?

MR DN SIMPSON, Graham Street, Swindon

It’s all about you

JOHN Stooke writes to these pages regarding the folly of the democratic decision of the British nation to leave the European Disunion.

He mentions his two directorships. I could not care less if he was the director of the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Albert Hall. My only directorship was mainly working all over Britain on the building sites to support my wife and five children.

Mr Stooke, do you believe that Mr Juncker and his latest expense in air travel is justified while handicapped children’s venues in Swindon are being cut off? Do you believe that the mentally impaired in Swindon will now be nurtured in Devizes, due to cost cuts? Do you believe that the effect of the destruction of our fishing heritage all over this island, plundered by foreign nations, is justified?

Finally, do you believe in democracy win or lose? I do. I doubt you share my honest concerns for my country. Self interest appears in every content of your literature.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Fair approach

Freedom of movement became one of the defining issues of the referendum. But it has always been clear that while at the Home Office, Theresa May refused to use EU rules that could have better managed migration. The Home Office seems finally to have acknowledged this fact and their mismanagement during Theresa May’s tenure, turned migration into a toxic issue. This caused many people to vote to leave the EU; something that will ultimately threaten the economy and therefore their livelihoods.

The free movement of people is a fundamental and essential principle of the EU; one which I will continue to defend robustly as an MEP. However, there are clear EU rules on returning those not in work and the government has failed to apply these rules.

I welcome the fact that some Labour MPs and MEPs have publicly backed retaining free movement of workers between Britain and the EU. Rather than pandering to xenophobic cries on immigration, Labour should instead focus on the government’s failure to enforce EU rules on restricting EU migrants not in work.

This is a fair and just approach which could persuade Labour’s Leave voters to change their mind about migration and Brexit.

MOLLY SCOTT CATO, Green MEP for the South West

In a right pickle

Seeing and reading about the drunken behaviour on aircraft these days, it beggars belief!

I think about the fact that, alcohol is such an instrument, that it soaks the brain so much that logic and common sense is unattainable. Do these ‘Pickled Brain Idiots’ take into account the feelings of other passengers, especially the elderly and parents with children? Of course they don’t. On the basis of safety, alcohol should be banned on flights. Any sold should be left unopened until one leaves the airport. Anyone who gives the impression of being less capable should be banned from flying and, even if allowed on the aircraft and then causing problems, should be arrested, sent home on the next flight and banned from flying for 10 years.

If any flights are subjected to any mishap whereby it has to ditch in the sea, who should the flight attendants help? Certainly not the drunkards, who would be then crying for help. No, let them get really soaked in the ocean and take their chance.

I remember years ago, myself and three friends left Wootton Bassett, had a pint at the Bolingbroke, The Butchers, Red Lion, Moredon, Moonrakers, Kingdown and back to the Moonrakers for another two or three and then, fish and chips at Cricklade Road chippy, then drive home. Any trouble? No! God help us if any news of being in trouble got back to our parents.

It all goes back again to that old chestnut, lack of parental control in the early years, leading to, lack of respect, which we see every day of the week.

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton

Rubbish design

Anyone who has followed a recycling lorry on collection day will know where much of the roadside litter comes from. This is not the fault of the operatives - it is down to the design of the vehicles.

JANET COLE, Winterbourne Rd, Swindon