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You voted for them

I REALLY don’t get it, as recently residents of Eldene and surrounding area were pictured in the SA complaining that they were fed up with the lack of police presence in their area where anti social behaviour and damage to resident’s cars was a persistent and recurring problem. They were also aggrieved that the police did not send a representative to their hastily called meeting on the subject.

Also I turned the page and there was a report highlighting the shortage of police manpower whereby the county of Wiltshire had suffered from the biggest pro rata cuts out of any force in Britain, where it is common knowledge that under the Tory government cuts 20,000 where axed nationwide.

However as the residents of Eldene elected a Conservative council candidate, and presumably did likewise at the general election one must assume that many of those that are complaining about a lack of police resources, and thus presence to deal with their problems must have voted in favour of the Tory governments cuts to the force, and indeed it makes one wonder as to how many that appeared in the Swindon Advertiser’s photograph supported the Tory cuts policy by voting for it.

Even though I have every sympathy for them, haven’t they shot themselves in the foot somewhat as they now need the services of our gallant police force that are spread so thinly as to make it impossible for them to be in several places at one time? I will ignore the lame excuse by the Wiltshire Tory Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson who stated any shortage of manpower did not matter as they could cope very well by being more efficient with what they had by the use of modern technology. How does this work? Possibly cutting a ‘bobby’ in half so as he can be in two places at once maybe?

This is the same Angus Macpherson who also did not attend the Eldene meeting and was also at odds with the rest of Swindon people along with the two Tory MPs for the town in supporting the AWS proposed closure of Sandalwood Court safe facility for the mentally ill, so as to force them to use the nearest one in Devizes, a 40 minute drive away.

It makes me wonder what planet Mr Macpherson seems to inhabit as his ideas appear to have little by way of supporting the residents of Swindon where both crime and health are concerned.

Come to think of it, do we really need these relatively newly invented posts of recent years from the Tory Party for Police and Crime Commissioners that pay a very lucrative remuneration? From where I am currently standing we clearly don’t.

GA WOODWARD, Nelson Street, Swindon

PCCs had their day

IT is good to see James Gray MP agreeing with so many of us over the issue of the closure of police stations and the waste of money chasing a long dead PM, when the urgent need is for policing today’s problems.

I wonder if he will go further and sign the petition that we have put together to get rid of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and see a return to the police authority system.

Wiltshire Police is struggling with third worst rate of staff dropping out (3.6%) in England and Wales, as well as with its appalling record of solving burglary remaining to be addressed. At the same time, it has not only been wasting money on the Edward Heath inquiry, but has the second highest ratio of senior officers to police constables in the country at 1:146 compared to the national average of 1:459, meaning that proportionately considerably more money is being spent on the top brass here in Wiltshire than elsewhere in the country.

One way to turn this around would be to get rid of the PCCs and return to the old system of police authorities where councillors, magistrates and others gave their time freely to do the best for their communities.

We want the best for the police and the people of Wiltshire. To sign our petition please go to:

DR BRIAN MATHEW, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire and Unitary Councillor for Box and Colerne

KEN FOREY, Former Police Inspector Wiltshire Police

Wonderful care

My mother, Ivy Clark, was admitted to GWH on Monday 14th August after suffering a stroke.

After a scan, the team advised my sisters and I that she was very ill and we needed to make difficult decisions regarding her end of life care. We wanted to wait until our brother arrived from Cardiff to include him in this family decision.

There was no question of rushing us, and she remained in a treatment room in A & E until we all decided that she should not have any further medical intervention, but should just have palliative care.

She was then taken to a private room in Beech Ward, where the staff went to great pains to explain that they were there, not only to look after her, but to take care of the family.

They allowed us to stay in the room with her at all times until she passed away on Wednesday afternoon. I stayed with her on Tuesday night and they brought me a chair-bed, blankets etc and looked after me during the long night.

My sisters and brother were brought hot drinks and sandwiches and the doctors and nurses kept us fully informed at all times.

I would like to thank the hospital and staff, particularly in A&E and in the Beech ward publicly, and let the people of Swindon know that despite all the criticisms of the National Health Service, their nurses and doctors do a wonderful job in very difficult conditions.


Utter gibberish

I WILL be honest, I thought I had read and heard it all regarding our sovereign nation breaking away from the House of Cards at our expense, The European Disunion. Then up pops another one.

I refer to Steve Rouse, Adver 18th of August. I quote two lines of his gibberish. “Collective of shared aims and aspirations.” I thought we originally joined a common market regarding trading. Shared aims and aspirations do not reflect my experience regarding any businesses I have been involved in. I doubt the banks and stock markets react because of shared aims and aspirations. Money talks.

The second line of gibberish goes even further. “Take Nazi Germany, the absolute opposite of what the EU is all about.” Eine Frau Merkel appears to me, to be running the Disunion, with full intent of ruling Europe by stealth and financial manipulation to the German advantage?

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Play time is vital

I would like to reply to the letter on Friday 18th august about playing out. Not only is it an opportunity for children to be out in the fresh air as many of us did as children, but it also means that adults of all ages can also meet up. It does wonders for the community spirit.

There should also be access for people who live in the street so please don’t worry about your appointments.

Playing out has been operating very successfully in Bristol for some time now.

MRS IRENE CHESTERMAN, Langford Grove, Swindon

Fill the Abbey

TO all those Speedway fans who moan about Rosco and the teams he puts together, don’t you think it’s about time you all got up to the Abbey to fill it to bursting point.

What more do you want? You’ve got a team 12 matches unbeaten, top of the league by a country mile and one of the most successful and best managers of the modern era.

So stop moaning, get behind your team and enjoy the superb racing!

DAVE OSBOURN, Royal Wootten Bassett

Return match

This morning, 20/08/17, I turned right, at the Meade roundabout on Great Western Way. I then proceeded towards the Westmead roundabout and beyond. I was on the inside lane, and a black Kia car was on the outside lane. When it came to the point where the two lanes merge, he just pushed his way into my lane, no indicators or nothing. I had the choice of hitting him or pulling over and going on the kerb, which I did.

I have now checked with the police and the inside lane does have right of way, and the outside lane has to filter into this inner lane, when people give way.

Now that I do have that knowledge, I would like a re-run with this cretin, as next time I won’t give way.

T REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon

Support lifesavers

You may have seen the BBC programme Saving Lives At Sea. The first was on at 8pm on Wednesday 16 August and is repeated each Wednesday (the first is available on iplayer). Each programme will be one hour long and the series will run for 12 weeks until Wednesday 1 November.

To see these volunteers risking their lives to help others is heart pulling. All we can do as funraisers is make sure their equipment and training is the best. As we communicated to you recently, the RNLI has cancelled all house-to-house collections and therefore funds are needed from other sources. To this end we are holding a collection at Sainsbury’s in Oxford Road, Stratton on 9th and 10th of September. If you would like to make a donation either as a gift or remembrance in your will this would be gratefully received. If you feel that you can help Highworth and District RNLI in any way then please contact me on 07759 439480.

RON ROSE, Twickenham Close, Swindon