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Plans are health risk

We MUST oppose, primarily on health reasons, the recycling plant Rolton Kilbride wants to build in South Marston.

The area is surrounded by homes with many more to be constructed.

This plant could be, potentially, an extremely large health hazard.The unknown contents of the rubbish to be processed there might, cause dangerous chemical reactions.

The residue is then to be released, following a filtration system, into the atmosphere via a 52-metre chimney.

We all know the reason for this excessive height. These toxins discharged into our atmosphere could then find their way into our vegetation system via the soil causing future health problems for all age groups.

Transportation problems? Six lorries in and out of the area every hour all day – the A420 is already at saturation point and the heavy duty vehicles will be removing contaminated residue.

And an accident at the plant may produce a dangerous situation.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful , relatively safe country and we all need to do our best to recycle materials and develop ways of reducing landfill.

PADDY HAYES, Birchwood Road, Stratton, Swindon

Team is a shambles

I’m WRITING having witnessed the worst performance from a Swindon Town side I’ve seen in 25 years.

It’s a new era with a new team put together by David Flitcroft. Yes, it’s still early days and there are still 41 games to go. But the last two home results and the manner in which the team has capitulated is worrying.

There are no leaders on the pitch. We look like 11 individuals who appear completely disjointed. No player appears to have the ability to get hold of the game and dictate play.

There are massive gaps, especially in midfield and we have no pace at the back.

It was totally shambolic. The crowd is starting to get restless and taking a downward spiral in numbers.They will only continue to go one way unless there is a dramatic improvement.

I’m not calling for the manager to be replaced, it’s early in the season. But I’m really worried. This club needs to get back to League One. But, at the moment, it’s relegation rather than promotion that’s on my mind.

More performances like the last two and we could become a non-league club in the National Conference.

The thought of it does not bear thinking about. So I’d take third from bottom if you offered it to me now.

ALAN WILSON, Shapwick Close, Swindon

Councillors should go

SO FORWARD Swindon has become backward Swindon. At last we have cut the ties with Muse who were far from amusing.

When are counsellors Perkins and Reynard going to admit they are not competent enough to see this project through?Their vanity astounds me.

This is my town and I think I speak for the majority when I say, in the name of God, go.

RAY CHEESE, Covingham, Swindon