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Crisis gets worse

Your Business News section (Sept 13) said that house prices have soared during the last year.

The average price for Britain is up £11,000 compared to12 months ago. England is the most expensive region with house prices averaging £243,000.

Rising house prices are often considered to be a good thing by house owners but it is not such good news for the people who live in rented property.

Rents always rise to follow rising house prices. This is especially hard for the young generation who are renting and looking around for a house to buy.

A house price bubble can be very dangerous for the economy. It was a house price bubble that burst in 2008 and led to the financial crash.

There is a housing crisis in Britain today. At the present time it appears that the policies of Theresa May and her Government are actually making the housing crisis worse.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

How dare they?

Let the 290 dishonourable members of Parliament who voted against the democratic decision of the British electorate to leave the European Disunion bury their heads in everlasting shame.

A majority of 36 is hailed by some of the national press as a great victory for Theresa May. I beg to differ.

What sort of message does that give to the Disunion’s gravy train unelected jumped up nobodies bleeding us dry financially?

Not to mention other more serious matter - mass immigration due to open borders, criminals from foreign shores not being deported, the NHS on its knees due to excessive numbers, as our schools are by the same problem.

I don’t remember voting for open borders, and mass uncontrolled immigration. I don’t remember voting for Britain as an island losing our fishing rights. I don’t remember voting for the invasion of foreign countries that were none of our business.

I don’t remember voting for the political correct nonsense that has stopped the British front line police force, the finest in the world, from doing their duty.

Any remainers who do, feel free to answer me on these pages, if they dare.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Peashooter warning

LOL - how often is that written and meant literally? This morning I did laugh out loud while reading the SA over breakfast.

UKIP chairman Martin Costello said his pathetic demonstration was a shot across the Government’s bows.

A shot from a peashooter! A gathering of 20-odd Kippers, a couple of neo-Nazis, a mythical Green Party candidate and a few people who still believe in the lies printed on the side of a bus.

I am still doing it. LOL.

STEVE THOMPSON, Norman Road, Swindon