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Just let it go, Remainers

IN REPLY to Steve Thompson (Sept 15) may I point out that when Britain takes power back from the EU the Remainers all complain and call it a power grab.

Rather strange that the Remainers did not call it a power grab when the EU took those very same powers away from the British Parliament in 1973, and also in all the subsequent EU Treaties during the last 44 years.

Brexiteers want to take back control. We want all British laws to be made by the British Parliament.

Mr Thompson, as a remain campaigner from the Green Party you will be interested to know that we have had the full support from Baroness Jenny Jones who sent her apologies, along with other Green Party leave campaigners.

You are the very epitome of what my very letter was alluding to. The remainers that are left are very bitter indeed and are very personal.

When I attempt to have a mature debate about this subject I am often attacked with personal abuse by those who resort to this when they have no other response.

Suggesting that there were ‘neo-Nazis’ present is stooping rather low but not surprising given the desperation of remainers such as yourself.

One would call this ‘scraping the barrel.’ The rally held last Saturday that was attended by more than 100 people from all parts of society was an olive branch to those such as yourself.

Please, just let it go now.

MARTIN COSTELLO, Eldene, Swindon

Pushed into replying

I HAVE to admit that I tend to skip the letters page quite frequently as most letters come from just a few writers spitting at each other across the page.

However, the letter by Bill Williams in Friday’s paper has moved even me to reply.

Yes, Bill, I am a remainer and I do dare to challenge your hyperbolic ranting.

Those who voted against the recent Withdrawal Bill were expressing concerns about the democratic implications of a law which enables law change without being subject to Commons debate.

Some of the things you mention in the course of your letter are nonsense - for example, the UK is able to deport criminals whether it chooses to or not. MEPs are actually elected.

Entry into foreign wars was something we managed all by ourselves.

I work in the NHS and it is on its knees because of underfunding, not because of foreign nationals.

I meet EU nationals in the course of my work and cannot recall one that wasn’t working - and contributing to the tax revenue.

Now, please explain exactly what political correctness has stopped the police doing their duty?

Underfunding, is what affects all public services because it is viewed by this Government as a burden rather than a valued asset.

I think I’ll completely skip the letters page in future - if I want to read the Daily Mail I’ll buy it.

J MIDWINTER, Bouverie Ave, Swindon

University not to blame

IN THE interests of fairness, it must be pointed out that Oxford Brookes University is not the sole cause of parking problems in Welton Road.

Some of the businesses on the estate do not have sufficient on-site space for their staff to park.

Two meetings have been held this year between OBU, residents, the police, SBC officers and councillors and businesses to come up with solutions which do not merely transport the problems into adjoining streets.

A further meeting will take place in the near future.

DEREK LOWSON, Moresby Close, Westlea, Swindon

Good news for thieves

Hey, great news: Wiltshire Police are now so lovey dovey that they have money to spend on silly little shoulder flashes to indicate how inclusive they are.

Remember that fact when a burglar or gang of burglars has smashed it’s way into your rural secluded house or farm. There may be an LGBT member of the gang who will feel so relieved when they get arrested.

Yay to the police.


Help school celebrate

I DON’T imagine that I am the only one of your 64,495 readers who turns first to the Letters to the Editor.

No doubt many of you are already aware of the Open Afternoon at Commonweal on Saturday, September 23 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of this truly remarkable school but just in case it slipped your mind this is a reminder.

We have found a splendid collection of photographs and other memorabilia – the problem was what to leave out.

And we are sure that everyone will find something interesting. Best of all, you are sure to meet old friends and people you haven’t seen for years and years. Do come.

The school will be open - and will be tea provided of course - from 2pm until 6pm to celebrate Commonweal at 90.

MARGARET ANDERSON, Avenue Road, Swindon

HS2 is unaffordable

WE are hearing all over the country about pollution, mostly put down to diesel cars. Take London, Bristol and other large cities. The one thing that they have in common is that they all have very large stations with a great deal of movement of diesel trains in and out all day and night. How much do they all burn into the atmosphere?

The Government wants us to adopt electric trains and cars, as shown by the HS2 and beyond, but with the agreement that David Cameron got with EDF and the price the electricity is going to cost in the future, it will push your household bills up and who will pay the cost on the trains? We will, not the Government, they do not pay a penny for anything we all do. Stop HS2 and beyond; we cannot afford it.

IAN SAMPSON, Southwick, Trowbridge