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Judiciary lets us down

It IS good news indeed that the catalyst for all the anti-social behaviour in East Swindon have been arrested. GBH, drug dealing, robbery, car thefts - the list goes on.

If l were PSCO Phil Day l wouldn’t be so optimistic or hopeful of securing a conviction. The thugs concerned will no doubt get a mere slap on the wrist from our totally ineffective judiciary representatives - as no doubt their defence will offer a plethora of excuses for the poor things who have had difficult childhoods and have any amount of mitigating circumstances.

Your excellent columnist Barrie Hudson will no doubt have another reason to “moan” about another miscarriage of justice in his award-winning column.

Let’s hope that an appropriate sentence is meted out but we won’t hold our breath.

I really think that more and more of the good people of Swindon should write to complain of our not fit for purpose judiciary, as almost every day we read of its ineffectiveness or deterrent to the low-life’s that prowl our streets and neighbourhoods.

CHRIS HUMPHREYS, Fuller Close, Kingsdown, Swindon

Get fountains working

The fountains outside Asda haven’t worked all the summer. I don’t suppose anybody cares but I do. It is part of Swindon now and should be the centrepiece of the rather featureless part of the Orbital Shopping Centre.

I do not know who is responsible for them but they don’t seem very interested in getting them working again.

I have travelled around the country a lot recently and every town’s fountains seem to be working well, why not in Swindon?

It is just one more thing that makes Swindon an uncared for and dull town.

GORDON STAPLES, Northern Road, Swindon

EU is bad for trade

IN REPLY to John Stooke (Sept 20) he failed to mention that Britain runs a trade deficit with the EU of £1bn a week.

The important thing is not how much trade we do but rather whether we run a trade surplus or a trade deficit.

In the case of the EU we run a absolutely massive trade deficit.

The EU is bad for trade and there are no advantages to EU membership.

TERRY HAYWARD, Burnham Road, Swindon

Hierarchy of crimes

IN RESPONSE to anti-social activities in North Swindon the locals are forming patrols, as they feel the police aren’t doing enough. If you say you’ve been burgled, assaulted, robbed or mugged you’ll be lucky to get more than a ‘crime number’.

However, if you report you’ve been a victim of homophobia, racism or domestic abuse they will rush round and prosecute anyone accused. The reason is simple. Some ‘crimes’ in this country are deemed far more important than others due to politically correct box-ticking.