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We must stand united

I WOULD like to remind Steve Rouse (SA. August 18th) that “opponent” as defined in the Oxford Dictionary is “a person who disagrees with or resists a proposal or practice, an opponent of the economic reforms”. This is exactly the case with the Remain voters and the EU.

Parliament had a democratic vote and to trigger Article 50 and all its implications which was clearly understood (I sincerely hope that they did) and voted 494 “For” and 122 “Against”. A majority of three quarters. Why are they still trying to wreck our chances of obtaining the best deal possible? Why are they still tring to bring the elected government down and reverse the process?

A very quick story of Gengish Khan. He had four sons and they were all squabbling over who would succeed him as ruler. He called them together and gave each an arrow to break which was done easily. Then he gave each four arrows in a bundle and asked them to break which was impossible. He then told them that strength was in unity and not division.

Maybe the Remain Wreckers should remember that “Strength is in unity and not divison”.

MR DN SIMPSON, Graham Street, Swindon

Light on the matter

I FIND myself agreeing with Steve Halden most of the time but his letter ‘lights waste cash’ came as a surprise.

He says the new lighting outside his house is twice as bright as the one it replaced. He questions the EU directive for all the old street lighting in the UK to be replaced with energy efficient LED lighting as uneconomical. In Steve’s view the old orange lighting is good for another 100 years.

As the UKIP candidate for North Swindon, I would have thought Steve would have welcomed the brighter light that new LED bulbs give. In the same edition of the Adver as Steve’s letter, there is an article saying: “The North Swindon policing team are committed to protecting the community following a storm of criticism from councillors and residents”.

I think all will agree most crime is committed during the dark hours, so if residents are to be vigilant good street lighting is essential.

I had it from a good source. In many areas of Swindon the wiring for the old street lamps were past their best and in a poor state of repair. Quite often while walking our dog I see the odd old tired lamp not working or flickering. It’s usually due to the filament/lens full of rain water. That’s what can be seen but I’m sure there are other issues with them.

To me energy efficient LED lighting is a sound investment. Over the 100 years Steve quotes, there will be huge savings in maintenance for town councils and as a bonus we may catch a few criminals as well.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM, Rodbourne, Swindon

Missed the point

Regarding Roger Lack’s letter (23/09) in which he seems to be suggesting that Wiltshire Police’s new epaulettes - introduced in support of the LGBT community - are somehow unfair as LGBT people have “a massive and disproportionate amount of support and visibility in the UK” (his words, not mine) whereas other “minority groups” such as “left-handed people, golfers, anglers, trombone enthusiasts and stamp collectors” are not represented.

None of the “minorities” you mentioned are routinely mocked, persecuted, verbally and physically attacked or even killed just for being what they are, and to compare someone’s sexuality to a hobby is false equivalence to a frankly disgusting degree.

The fact that you have so little else worth complaining about beyond a gesture of support from Wiltshire Police demonstrates exactly how entitled you are; it puts me in mind of people who feel unfairly discriminated against when told they can’t park in disabled parking spaces at supermarkets and are forced to walk an extra ten or fifteen feet to the front of the shop. Congratulations on completely missing the point.

CHRISTOPHER HAYWARD, Hesketh Crescent, Old Town

Vital services robbed

It has been seven long years since a pay freeze was imposed upon public sector workers by the Tory government in the name of austerity a political choice, which has seen the NHS, police, firefighters, ambulance services and very many others quite blatantly and deliberately starved of essential revenues.

These vital workers have been starved of a decent pay rise for all of this time, which means that their wages have not kept pace with inflation over the period, and they are not the only ones as the Tory administration has deliberately targeted the most disadvantaged in society.

Meanwhile we witnessed the sordid spectacle of money being printed to save the necks of the investment bankers which duly caused all of this mess in the first instance, and more recently we saw a failed administration with no clear majority after the last general election use public money to bribe the Northern Irish DUP so as they could cling on to power.

The public sector workers are of course long overdue for at least a ‘cost of living’ decent pay rise, and before I hear the rabid cries form Tories that there is no ‘magic money tree’ I will suggest that there is when it suits them as they certainly seemed to be able to use quantitative easing to print money at will to save the necks of bankers, and then in turn conjure up money out of thin air for the DUP.

The continued austerity has hit Swindon hard with in particular at least three complaints of lack of police action to deal with instances of anti-social behaviour and burglaries as carried in the pages of the SA from the people of Eldene and surrounding area, Haydon Wick, and most recently Kingshill. I would suggest that none of it can be laid at their door having lost 20,000 of their number nationwide, and one has to feel sorry for them as they have been forced to say to residents of the town that they cannot investigate each and every crime as they are just too thin on the ground to do so.

We have heard yet again over the past couple of days in the pages of the SA from the Tory Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson in response to the harsh criticism of late that has been directed his way, to the fact that his police force would like to be able to do more, but cannot because of central government cuts to the force in the name of austerity.

Surely he needs to make his mind up as a few months ago he was stating that all was fine in Swindon as they were coping well with the resources that they had due to the increased use of technology.

Surely none of us can tolerate a situation where tax cuts for the rich and big business are achieved by robbing the police, teachers, firefighters, prison officers, civil servants and many others.

GA WOODWARD, Nelson Street, Swindon

That was quick

Really sorry to hear of the incident at your home Mr Stooke (SA 23rd Sep) and how fast the response was you got from the Police but the cynical side of me wonders why you got the fast response with both the two constables turning up on time, the forensic unit and the bobby van all within a matter of hours and an arrest to boot. I really do hope it’s not because of the Letters you write.

I wonder if someone on a council estate would get the same sort of response or would it be “Ok, gather the information yourself, we will respond within 90 days or not at all.”

The police forces all across the country are like nurses - under-manned, overworked and under-paid.

Again sorry to hear of your incident.

JOHN L CROOK, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Business knows best

Theresa May or May be has now shown her true colours regarding leaving the European Disunion, by extending the democratic vote of the British nation to leave this corrupt failing unemployment riddled, financial cabal for the self interested by another two years.

On what authority is she acting upon? Certainly not on behalf of the 17 million plus who voted out is out.

In reply to John Stooke, the self appointed ex-director of Swindon business wisdom, may I remind him that three of the most successful British businesses in modern day history - namely James Dyson, of Dyson, Tim Martin of Wetherspoons and the Bamford family that own JCB - have declared unanimously that they cannot wait to get out of the bureaucratic nightmare of the Disunion? Mr Stooke in his pontificating manner seems to know better. Who am I to argue with such a successful advocate of business acumen?

Finally, I sympathise with his recent misfortune regarding the burglary.

Having been through the same nightmare some 37 years ago, your house is never the same again after being violated by an intruder.

I also agree entirely with John, from a personal point of view, the British police have never, ever let me down when on the rare occasion I have requested their need.

BILL WILLIAMS, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon