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Economic disaster

Over a period of several years now I have seen quite a few letters churning out the familiar lie and ‘fake news item’ regarding how the last labour government had bankrupted this country, which is invariably backed up with pure media invention regarding a ‘mythical note’ that was purported to have been left on the desk in the government treasury by an outgoing labour cabinet minister to the effect that there was no money left and that the cupboard was now bare.

This early ‘fake news’ article was worthy of the fairy tale writers the brothers Grimm, and what is also unbelievable is that many potential voters fell for the invention by the right wing media that we have in this country ‘hook line and sinker’.

If one needed proof that the last Labour government did not bankrupt the country and that conversely it was the ‘bankers and financial speculators’ that were responsible and still are for the mess we are in to this very day, then what better way is there to consult the reliable ‘bell weather’ which is the US Standard and Poor’s credit rating agency.

The last outgoing Labour government, despite the fake news smear tactics, retained its triple AAA+ credit rating, however conversely it is the poor Tory fiscal mismanagement since then that has led to two downgrades by Standard and Poor’s under their watch. Therefore it is now clear that the voters were lied to regarding who are to be trusted as being sound fiscal managers of Great Britain PLC.

Finally the Conservatives are very good fiscally with certain aspects of our economy by finding ever more inventive schemes and ways of transferring wealth from the poor and the disabled amongst us, so as to feed the needs of big corporations, their shareholders, and the increasingly ‘well off super rich’.

GA WOODWARD, Nelson Street, Swindon

Illness is not political

Drusilla is quite right to campaign for better provision of services for people with mental illness (Adver, September 28). She is quite wrong to link her efforts to a particular political party.

Although she says “I want to work with other parties…”, it would be better if she dropped the party political tag from the title of her organisation.

Healthcare – both mental and physical – is for ALL. It should not be a party political battleground.

MALCOLM MORRISON, Retired Orthopaedic Surgeon, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Misbehaving cyclists

I agree with the points made by Mr Kane in yesterday’s Advertiser totally and also question Ms Salone’s maths.

I am afraid I have seen far too many cyclists misbehaving – but particularly with regards to speeding along cycle lanes that adjoin footpaths. Why do they not have any bells on their bikes any more? At least that would give us elderly some warning that they are arriving behind us. Incidentally, the footpath on the left of Marlborough Road approaching Coate Water is NOT a cycle track. Please take more care – especially when approaching the elderly and dog walkers.

M MILES, Sandringham Road, Swindon