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It’s time to think bike

IN response to Mr K Kane’s letter on Wednesday 27th September entitled Dangerous Cycling.

I have been cycling in Swindon for over a decade now, and I’ve seen a mix of good and bad cyclists on our roads and footpaths, but if the relevant authorities did look into bad cycling more seriously, wouldn’t this lead to more cyclists using their cars more instead?

Swindon’s roads have too many cars on them as it is, and I feel more should be done to encourage people to leave their cars behind and cycle to where they wish to go. There is a good network of cycle paths in town, including the Western and Southern Flyers, as well as the upcoming Eastern Flyer.

Many of the schools in Swindon lack sufficient parking space for parents to take their children to school, and some parents appear to be parking illegally in places. However if they were to cycle with their children, it would free up the spaces for those who really need them.

As for Kelli Salone’s point about cyclists having a hard enough time as it is, I fully agree. During the last ten years I’ve seen major cycle paths closed for as long as six months by utility companies, council workers using cycle paths as shortcuts to drive their grass cutters and road sweepers, no cycle paths through the town centre, the inadequate cycle rack outside the railway station and GWR’s advanced booking system.


Own worst enemy

I HAVE been very interested in reading the letters in the Advertiser re cycling and the proposed law on dangerous cycling.

I personally don’t have a problem with this new law. I have been a keen cyclist now for some 50 years or more and raced for some 15 years in the early 60s.

Traffic has increased out of all proportion to today’s traffic, the difference being now that many cyclists are car owners and should be more respectful of riding in traffic.

Cycling is a wonderful way to get fit and experience the lovely countryside in which we live but please single out when traffic builds up when riding in groups. I have experienced on occasions when out driving large groups who could easily single out in traffic and win over those who make criticism of cyclists. Sometimes cyclists are their own worst enemy but on evidence it’s only a small majority that spoil it for the many.


What are the laws?

I WAS very interested in your letter from Mr. Kane in today’s Adver concerning cycling.

Many years ago I wrote to my then MP concerning a number of the points raised. In return I received a copy of a letter from the Home Office stating, among other things that the pavement was the safest place for cycles!

Do we have laws or not? I wrote that letter shortly after the fine was raised from £25 to £35.

ARTHUR SHELLARD, Thames Avenue, Swindon

Young people suffer

Your front page story (Sept 26) highlighted the misery of 19 year old Elisha Ross living with her partner in a tent in a Swindon car park.

Governments from both the major parties have failed to build sufficient houses for the young generation during the last 20 years.

There is now a shortage of two million affordable homes in Britain today.

The young generation have been sold down the river on housing. House prices are far to high. The young can’t afford to rent or buy.

This young lady grew up in the care system. People who have previously lived under the care of the council deserve additional help from the state.

The transition from childhood to being an adult to difficult for everyone. It is especially hard for those young people who do not have a decent place to live.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Come to your senses

People who walk or jog with headphones on then look surprised and make rude comments when you pass them on a bike.

You chose to block off one of your main senses mate, not me. I have bright lights front and back and a hi-vis jacket on. Hearing is a massively important sense when sharing any kind of walk way or road.

Idiots who walk, ride bikes and even drive with their stupid baseball hats on and their hood pulled over it - how much vision can you have when most of your face is hidden whilst you drive your mum’s shopping car at top speed? Grow up and get a life. You are the reason my car insurance goes up every year.